5 Best Bass Boosted Headphones

Sometimes, regular headphones do not make it right. But a bass boosted headphones do! But finding one is as hard as settling for one. And we are the perfect people you have come to get help with. Below are the best bass boosted headphones in the market that you might want to check out.  

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XB950B1 Extra Bass Headphones 

Feel the power with the patented Extra Bass line of Sony XB950B1 Wireless Headphones! Available in black and blue, the wireless headphones of the Sony brand features an upgraded wireless connectivity through the Bluetooth mode. 

The high quality wireless audio features a Bluetooth connectivity and NFC. Along with this, optimize your sound quality settings with the Sony Headphones Connect application. It also comes with a built-in microphone intended to take calls wirelessly. 

For a cheap and affordable price, enjoy a broad frequency response with 18 hours of playback time and charging time of 4 hours. 

What I like about these wireless headphones is that they are included in the Extra Bass line of Sony which is known to give powerful and deep bass. I also love the fact that I can easily connect it with my smartphone and switch between listening to music and answering calls. For less than a hundred dollars, the battery power of this is a great deal. 

Product specifications: 


  •  Extra Bass line
  •  Bluetooth connectivity
  •  Hands-free calls
  •  Long battery lifespan


  • Made of plastic 
  • Not covered with warranty 


Extra Bass Headphones 

This XB550AP from the same line of Sony’s Extra Bass is all about that bass! Drop into the lush and powerful lows of this headphones that pumps up low frequencies with an acoustic bass boost for deep and euphoric sound. 

Enjoy a balanced sound with a 30 millimeter driver unit that delivers balanced sound with an exceptional low-end thanks to the 5 Hz to 22,000 Hz dynamic frequency response. Also, take calls, switch tracks, and control the volume with the in-line remote and microphone. Aside from this, customize with the free SmartKey App available in both Google Play and App Store! 

This headphones is bold in style and soft in touch. Enjoy long hours of comfortable listening with soft cushioned ear pads and an adjustable metal headband. Listen in style with this bold, elegant design. Made from the rugged and Y-type design, this product ease your worries with a tangle-free experience. 


Product specifications:


  •  Bass boost experience
  •  Large driver unit
  •  Wide dynamic response
  •  Customizable controls


  • No Bluetooth connection
  • Batteries required 


Mu6 Space 2 Headphones 

The Mu6 Space 2 Headphones features a hybrid ANC + 1 Qualcomm CVC meaning to say, it can block out 98% of background noise, providing you an amazing noise cancellation up to 40 dB and low response of up to 94 dB. 

This microphone has a premiums sound quality with 40 millimeter low-distortion dynamic driver, cutting-edge Zr02 coating polymer diaphragm with high definition apt-X LL codec and the latest CSR Bluetooth 5.0 

This headphones also features a 3D touch control to control your music tracks, volume, pause, and take phone calls with simple gestures in less than one second. Just use your fingertips to slide either forward or rewind to the last or next track, slide up or down to increase or reduce the volume. But please be reminded to do a full slide across the touch panel from point to point instead of from the center to the edge. 

This also comes in soundproofing ear cups with memory foam. The pressure relief memory foam earpads cover around your ears softly while giving larger and deeper ear cups to a touch-free earspace for maximum comfort. The ergonomic sealing design also provides you a surprising amount of noise isolation even when you turn off the ANC. This noise-canceling headphones

Product specifications:


  •  Hybrid ANC
  •  Bluetooth connection
  •  Ergonomic design 
  •  Noise-cancellation


  • Batteries needed
  • Low bass boost


SONY XB950N1 Extra Bass Headphones

Whether you are in for a long time sweating at the gym or looking for heavy duty headphones to cheer you up during a trip, this might be the one for you.

Featuring an EXTRA BASS that enhances low-end frequencies for a deep power on every song you like and long lasting power up to 18 hours using BLUETOOTH®, Sony releases MDR-XB950N1. It is a closed dynamic headphone type with a 40-mm dome drive unit. Volume control is also within reach with a maximum usage of 18 hours and a 4-hour charging time. It weighs around 280 grams that are perfect and fit for workout exercises.

A box containing the headphones itself and a USB cable. You can also choose to get the product in different colours of red, blue, or black. With the extra bass feature and long battery life, this is an eye-catcher.

Product specifications:


  • Great sound for a good thumping bass
  • Light and compact for gym use
  • Long battery lifespan
  • Plenty color choices


  •  Made with plastic
  •  Not warranty after purchase


COWIN E7 PRO Headphones 

The only brand that offers a wide variety of colors, the COWIN E7 PRO Headphones is available in 7 different colors from black, blue, green, pink, violet, red, and white. Personally, I think the white color killed it. 

It has a professional active noise cancelling technology which reduces noise for travel, work, and anywhere in between. The advanced active noise reduction technology quells airplane cabin noise, city traffic, or a busy office. Making you focus on what you want to hear! 

For much better sound, this has a 45 millimeter large aperture driver providing deep, accurate, and bass response from 75 dB to 85 dB for a powerful and crisp sound that helps you enjoy music better. The goal is to provide customers with better sound quality. 

This also comes in upgraded soft ear cushions for comfort with the professional protein earpad and 90 degree swiveling earcups which not only make it much more durable and comfortable but also high quality.  The skin texture of this is lightweight and comfortable around the ears so you can wear all day long! But please remember to take this off every once in a while to have your ears relaxed. 

Product specifications:


  •  ANC
  •  Bluetooth mode
  •  Adjustable bands
  •  Long battery life


  • Low driver unit 
  • Not lightweight 


Buying Guide: What You Should Know Before Buying Your Next

Bass Headphones


Sound Quality

Since your ears will be the judge whether the quality of the headphones is good enough to splurge your money into or bad enough to let it pass, this is the first consideration that you should take. The diameter of the speaker driver inside headphones are called “Driver Diameter.” You should look for bigger driver diameter because it can produce and hold more frequencies. The most common driver sizes are 9 to 16 mm.

Wired or Wireless?

Before judging the sound capacity it can bring, know what you want first. Do you need a headphone that you can wear without falling off during a workout? Get a wireless one. Do you need a headphone that is for office use? Get a wired one. It is important to be knowledgeable about getting wired or wireless headphones such as knowing Bluetooth or NFC features with wireless ones.

Size and Comfort

Whether you use this for a long period of time or just a few minutes of the day, size and comfortability matters. When getting wired headphones, you must ensure that the size fits the right area of covering your ears. It is also a plus to get those in soft cushion ear pads for more comfort.

But when getting a wireless headphones, you must know that it comes in various kinds such as in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear. While in-ear is self-explanatory, on-ear headphones are the ones that fit on top of ears but do not fully enclose them, and over-ear headphones cover the entire ear. Either way, have yourself a request for headphone fitting.


Premium things often come with premium prices. But do not forget that there are deals too! You just have to be smart in getting or waiting for them. If you expect high quality with noise cancellation, smartphone assistance controls, built-in microphone, and sleek design, expect to pay for quite a high price. But if you are looking for everyday use with a convenient pair for simple sound listening, a cheap one is just around the corner.

Pairing Controls

With the innovative technology the companies use, pairing with headphones can be complex. Wireless headphones are often paired with Bluetooth or it comes with their own installed application. While, wired headphones come with a cable cord. Check the brand and phone model of your device to ensure that it is compatible with the headphones you are getting or else everything comes to waste. 


Though this would be subjective, choose a headphones not only because of the design but the comfort and material component too. I am not a fan of plastic made since they have a high chance of breaking if the pressure is too much. There are headphones that are not built with plastic but are lightweight and durable also. 


If you are a busy person or have a lot of things going on your plate, you might want to consider getting a headphone with long battery lifespan. They could go as far as 40 days without having to charge. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Can I wear the Sony XB950B1 Wireless Headphones when working out? Or will the sweat mess them up?

The sweat would ruin the integrity of the padding on the headphones so I would not suggest wearing them. Also, this headphones is not lightweight so it might be too heavy for you and not that secure for drills. 

Is the bass of the Sony XB950B1 Wireless Headphones adjustable from -10 to +10 on the B1 as it is on the N1 through the app?

Yes, you can. 

Can the Sony XB550AP Extra Bass Headphones be used with a portable CD player? 

Yes, this headphones can be used with a portable CD player as long as it has a standard 3.5 millimeter jack. 

How are the Sony XB550AP Extra Bass Headphones compared to the old 450? Should I get these instead of the old model?

The Sony XB550AP Extra Bass Headphones is the newer model. It is as good as the 450, however this one is sturdier and better looking. 

I refuse to buy headphones that require an app because the apps seem like an excuse to invade my privacy. Do the Mu6 Space 2 Headphones work as well without the app?

Yes, they work and sound amazingly great without the application. 

Do the Mu6 Space 2 Headphones support wireless charging like the Mu6 Space 1 model?

No. The Mu6 Space 2 Headphones does not support wireless charging. 


Final Thoughts

By now, you probably have a product in mind that you are sure of worth buying to. But hold on! What we just gave you is a background knowledge on each product as well as the considerations you might need to consider. But everything goes in your power, whatever you need to buy. Just a reminder, go big or go bold, do not waste the money in your bank. 


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