Best Desktop Speakers under 100

Desktop speakers are essential equipment that always comes along when you have a PC or computer. Aside from the dilemma of what PC brand and model to buy, it is also the same thing when buying a desktop speaker. There are a lot of variants available in the market featuring low prices to the most expensive ones, but sometimes, the budget is not just available. So, the preference is lowered down to what fits the money most. 


We have compiled the best 6 desktop speakers under 100 dollars! Yes, you heard it right. Expensive are not always the best, there are low cost speakers too that do the same thing. You just have to find the right and perfect one! If you want to know more about these thing, scroll down below. 

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Cyber Acoustics CA-2014 Desktop Speakers

The Cyber Acoustics CA-2014 Desktop Speakers are ideal for your small computer area since this feature a space-saving function that fits on any tight desktop! 

This comes with convenient speaker controls like on and off button, LED power indicator, and headphone output jack! Recommended for any multi-media listening experience, this is ideal for music, gaming, or voice recording. 

Perfect for corporate offices, den, kitchen desks, and other compact spaces. This is a great deal for its diverse applications! 

Product specifications: 


  •  Small size
  •  Portable
  •  Space-saving
  •  Volume controls


  • No Bluetooth connection
  • No LED Lightning 


ZETIY USB-Powered Desktop Speakers

The ZETIY USB-Powered Desktop Speakers is easy to use! No need for a 3.5 millimeter AUX jack or another driver because all you need is to plug this to your computer and click the play button to start a top quality enjoyment! What more can you ask for? 

This desktop speaker is built-in dual 3W high-excursion that produces clearer sound quality and farther range. And even at maximum volume, it does not tremble or distort at all! The This speakers is recommended for softwares like Windows, Net Ware, Unix, Linux, and Mac. The wide compatibility of this tops no other speakers! It’s slim design also works well with computer without sacrificing valuable desk space. This is a good speaker for offices, parties, and of course for personal and home use. 

Also, to reduce hassle, when you buy this desktop speakers, you automatically get a 6-months free replacement and lifetime customer service! This makes your purchase absolutely risk-free and pleasant. 

Product specifications: 


  •  No additional accessories needed
  •  Clearer sound quality
  •  Farther range
  •  Lifetime warranty


  • No wireless connections 
  • One single USB connection


ELEGIANT 10W Wireless Computer Speakers

The ELEGIANT 10W Wireless Computer Speakers produces rich and crystal clear sound. The treble sound and heavy bass of these multimedia speakers fill a room with so much music that comes through as crisp and clear for a more enjoyable stereo sound experience! Turn your desktop computer or laptop into a sound system with this ELEGIANT 10W Wireless Computer Speakers!

No need for complex instructions because this is easy to operate! Just plug and play the USB and ditch your batteries and power cord because you will not need this. Plug the USB port for power and plug the pink cable that comes with it for the microphone and the green cable for the headphones. The round knob on the right side needs to be turned up! Its distance range can reach up to 10 meters or 33 feet. How far, right? Stream this using Bluetooth-powered devices. 

Aside from its premium sound quality, it also boasts about its sleek and unique design! It comes in an innovative design with ABS varnish which promises a long life protection against wear. The aluminum alloy and LED lights also help for a more fashionable look. Aside from this, it emits colorful LED lights to enhance the atmosphere more of watching movies and playing games. You can press and hold the M button on the speaker for 2 seconds to turn the LED lights on and off. 

Avail this now and connect to your iPhone, tablet, smartphones, and play audio from gadgets like laptops, computers, mp3s, players! 

Product specifications: 


  •  Sleek design 
  •  Colorful LED lights
  •  Wide compatibility
  •  Simple to operate


  • Audio port required
  • Power supply needed


NJSJ USB-Powered Computer Speakers 

The NJSJ USB-Powered Computer Speakers is a sound bar with 2.0 channel speaker. The 10W prime quality speaker drivers and treble sound fills the room with so much music that comes in crisp! So you can enjoy a full-range stereo sound wherever and whenever you want. 

This speaker comes in a high-quality ABS varnish that promises a long life and protection against wearing out. Also, no need for extra batteries or another power cord since you can just connect this soundbar to a power supply via the USB charging cord. Control volume from the knob and this is easy to use!

This supports most devices available in the market. The compatibility of these speakers is unmatchable! You can connect it through the 3.5 millimeter audio jack with pc, computer, television, laptop, desktop, tablet, microphone, smartphone, projector, mp3, mp4, Walkman, CD player, and radio. How great, right?

Product specifications: 


  •  Stereo sound 
  •  Fashionable design
  •  Easy usage
  •  Great compatibility


  • Audio jack needed
  • Power supply required


Moloroll Computer Speakers for Desktop

The Moloroll Computer Speakers for Desktop is powered through USB connection with great compatibility to all computers with a USB port and earphone jack. The output RMS 3W*2 (6W) provides stereo sound with some clean bass that is good and commendable for work, music, movies, and games! Aside from this, its compact design saves space in your computer area. How cool, isn’t it? 

Just plug and play for simple operation! You can also control its volume adjustable by the speaker controller itself or the computer. The catch with this is their customer service is very reliable! With 24 hour reply to your concerns, 1 year return window, and 2 years warranty, you are guaranteed in the safe and secured brand! 

Product specifications: 


  •  Wide compatibility
  •  Stereo sound
  •  Clean bass
  •  Simple operation


  • No power switch 
  • Poor volume capacity 



Buying Guide: Things You Need To Know And Live By Before Buying A Desktop Speaker 


Compatibility and Pairing Modes 

Consider the pairing modes of the desktop speaker you ought to buy. Though I know that this is too good to be true, there are speakers than can do much more than just connect to your computer. Some can be paired through Bluetooth mode or external audio jack to your smartphones, tablet, television, and other gadgets. This is something you would not miss! 

Expensive is not always the best 

Expensive ones are not always the best. This is why there are low to middle price range for desktop speakers. But unless you have the budget which in this case you do not, go spend it! 

Portability and Adaptability 

Consider the portability and adaptability of your chosen desktop speaker. Why? Because anything can happen such as you moving out or transferring homes. Though I understand that you may be looking forward to creating a perfect setup for your PC area, it is best to get one that is portable and easy to adapt so you would not have any problems when going inside and outside of different homes or whatever the situation and environment may be. 


When you buy a desktop speaker, it includes some accessories that do not correlate or irrelevant with the sound quality. But still, consider getting these since it might be nice to have a remote control so you have the option to customize the functions. 

Diverse Applications 

Related to the compatibility and pairing modes, consider the versatility of the desktop speaker you are aiming to buy for. It might be the best deal if you can use it as a computer accessory as well as when listening to music, watching Netflix, and even gaming. Still, the diverse applications are already value for money. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 


What is the length for each wire of the Cyber Acoustics CA-2014 Desktop Speakers? 

There are 24 inches wire connecting the speakers to each other and another 36 inches to the computer. 

Are the Cyber Acoustics CA-2014 Desktop Speakers USB-powered or wall plug?

It is wall-plugged. You will need 120 Volts to 12 Volts. 

Can you control the volume of the ZETIY USB-Powered Desktop Speakers?

There is no volume control for this. But if you have a keyboard that has a volume control, this will do. 

Do the ZETIY USB-Powered Desktop Speakers work with USB only? I have a laptop without connecting the 3.5 millimeter audio plug and I am planning to do this.

Yes. One USB can fix all the problems. No need for another 3.5 millimeter or whatsoever.

Can you control the LEDs of the ELEGIANT 10W Wireless Computer Speakers or does it change on its own?

Hello, you cannot control it. It changes on its own. 

Can the ELEGIANT 10W Wireless Computer Speakers work on my monitor?

Only if the monitor has an audio output. Otherwise, it must be plugged into an audio output which is part of the CPU. 

Can you use the microphone or headset with the Moloroll Computer Speakers for Desktop?

No, you cannot because they do not come without any microphone or headset jack. 

Will the Moloroll Computer Speakers for Desktop work in my truck with 12 Volts hook up?

No, they will not work because the Volt is too high. They only work with DC 5V. 


Final Thoughts 

Either way, everyone has their audio preference in terms of highs, the mids, and bass. Also in terms of the design, portability, and compatibility. But still, it may be wise to carefully venture out on your next desktop purchase before splurging that hard-earned money. 

Choosing a desktop speaker for your computer or other gadget is indeed. Hard. there are a lot of variants available in the market and flagship stores that sometimes, it leads to ending up in buying the wrong one. 

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