5 Best Headphones for Rock Music

For the ultimate listening experience, especially with rock music, we want to get the total package in most offered deals. Below, we listed down and elaborated the features of the top best headphones for the rock genre. 

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The Top Five Best Headphones for your Rock Music

Rockpapa Over-Ear Headphones 

Whether you are a child or an adult, these headphones are perfect for your rock music favorites. Featuring an adjustable headband to ensure a secure fit for ages six and up, the Rockpapa Over-Ear Headphones are available in three different colors. Get this in orange, blue, or pink with each different earpads color. 

The headphones’ excellent sound can be heard with its 3.5 mm plug compatible with the same plug such as in tablets, computers. Laptop, mp3s, mp4s, DVD players, and more. Control its volume and access calls through its 4.9 feet cable. Get this with no worries using the brand’s 12-month protection through its customer service. 

For my verdict, I love how it suits kids aged six and up because this shows that almost all people can use this and that is convenient. Aside from this, it is available in three bright and solid colors which are unusual for headphones because most of the time it is offered in standard colors of black and white. Moreover, while listening to rock music, one can access calls or control its volume using the buttons which I find efficient to use. One thing that is lacking is they did not elaborate on the sound quality that much which I think should be the case since these users are specifically looking for a headphone suitable for rock music. 

Product Specifications: 


  •  Suitable for kids and adults 
  •  Soft ear pads 
  •  Bright and full colors
  • Covered in warranty 


  • Wired cable 
  • No elaboration on sound


Meidong  E7 Over-Ear Headphones 

This Meidong E7 Over-Ear Headphones has an advanced active noise canceling feature through its E7 to eliminate noise in airplane cabins, city traffic, or busy offices. It also has a balanced sound and strong bass for clear vocals, precise guitars, and excellent deep bass. Regarding its built and design, the ear pads come in cushions that provide pressure relief to ears so you do not have to worry about any pain. 

The batter power of this lasts for more than 30 hours which is quite surprising among all the headphones I have encountered since usually they only offer 6 to 8 hours of playtime. The reason is that this is built-in 750 maH of Lithium batteries. Connect your device using the Bluetooth mode. These headphones I think is the only brand that offers an 18-month warranty, contrary to most products that are covered for only one year. 

If I were the one buying, I would definitely get this. Why? Because I love its noise-canceling feature which will make me enjoy listening to my music more. Also, the playtime of this is unimaginable because having a headphone that runs for 30 or more hours is no joke. Can you think of all the possibilities I can have? Lastly, I always look for warranty cards just to make sure I have leverage when things do not go the way it was planned to be. So overall, I like this product the most. 

Product Specifications: 


  • Noise-cancelling
  •  Long playtime
  •  Bluetooth connectivity
  •  18-months warranty


  • No hands-free option
  •  Comes in one color 



HeadGear Wireless Headphones 

The HeadGear Wireless Headphones comes in a Bluetooth enabled with 3.75 V and 250 mAH battery for a total of 120 hours talk and 6 hours playtime within 2 hours of charging time. This headphones sport a 5-button control so you can play, pause, answer, hangup, equalize, next, control volume in your own hands. These wireless headphones also allow users to answer calls in hands-free mode since it is built with a microphone for ease to pick up incoming calls. 

With its ergonomic design, the memory-protein ear cushions serve comfort to the ears since it is an over-ear headphone. In addition to this, the headband is adjustable to make room for different head sizes. 

It is a plus that they specifically stated the number of talk hours and playtime. For a headphone, this cheap, 120-hour talk time is already good enough. However, we are not using this for answering calls and talking over the phone only. But, it is intended for listening to rock music. Compared to the former headphones, its 6-hour playtime is kind of short. But it is understandable if you would not listen to music for a long time. 

You can avail this in four different color choices in metolic black, metolic bronze, metolic pink, and metolic white. Its unique color choices give room for more options to the customers which are a plus! 

Product Specifications: 


  • Unique color choices
  •  120-hour talk time 
  •  Hands-free option
  •  Ergonomic design 


  • Not covered with a warranty 
  •  Short hour playtime



Meidong E7C Over-Ear Headphones 


Another meidong product is the E7C Over-Ear Headphones. Now, it is a tough battle between the E7 and E7C headphones. Boasting its ANC or Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, it is engineered to sound better and more comfortable for its users. It eliminates all kinds of noises great for long trips or city traffic. With its signature 30-hour playtime on just one single charge, thanks to the Lithium batteries included. 

Aside from the ANC, worry less with its Bluetooth enabled connection to all sorts of iPad, iPod, iPhone, and Android inclusive with 3.55 audio cable. The superior quality of these headphones is because of the 40 mm powerful drivers featuring an advanced Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX. Delivering a deep bass stereo sound — the right fit for your rock music. 

The difference of the E7C and E7 is the built and design. This time, it sports a protein ear cushion ensuring long-lasting comfort with the 90-degree earcups and retractable headbands. Another difference between the two is that this comes in a built-in microphone to allow users to take calls and switch music. 

Since we all know that the signature feature of Meidong is its ANC and long time of playback, it is time to weigh the differences in their products. I love how this E7C is built with 90-degree earcups and has an option of hands-free calls. So far, this is my best pick among all headphones. This is an all-in total deal that should not be missed. 

Product Specifications: 


  •  Active noise canceling 
  •  30-hour playtime
  •  90-degree earcups 
  •  Retractable headbands 


  • Comes in one color 
  • Not covered with warranty 


Fullight Tech Beanie Hat Wireless Headphones

Now, this one got your attention. Your right! It is a wearable wireless headphone with a 250 mAh battery for a power of 16 to 20 hours of continuous music. Talk about longevity, right? The Bluetooth connection upgraded in 4.2 version gives the most stable and strongest connectivity so far. Aside from this, the upgraded HD speakers offer a sound up to 110 dB — the loudest in the market. 

It also provides comfort with the double-knit beanie to keep your head warm. Thought this may be unique amongst all the other headphones listed, it acts the same when it comes to sound service. 

Personally, I would give this a try if it is the winter season. Aside from having double benefits which is the headphones and beanie, it is worth a try. But this might not be suited in all seasons since it is a beanie. 

Product specifications:


  • Double-knit beanie 
  • Longevity of playtime 
  • Bluetooth powered
  • Upgraded HD speakers 


  • Not suitable for all seasons 
  • Not covered by warranty card 

Buying Guide: What Should You Be Looking For Your Next

Headphones Purchase 

We want you to enjoy your rock music by all means of sound quality, comfort, and longevity. Here are some of the things you should be looking for in finding your next rock music headphones. 

Sound Quality

Since you will be listening to a certain type of genre, compromising sound quality should not be done. Look for headphones that boast their driver range or the volts they have. In this way, you are guaranteed that the product you are eyeing for is worth the price. 


Go for something that is lightweight, comfortable, and has soft cushion earpads. You do not want your ears to be hurt or pressed so much. As much as possible, go for the headphones with pressure relief in their headphones. The built is also important such as if the bands are detachable or adjustable. 


Though this is subjective as the user may use it for only a short span or long time but always look for the longevity or the hours of playtime it can do. Normally, headphones have 5 to 8 hours of playback time until it runs out of battery and needs a 2-hour charging. But there are also headphones like the Meidoing which runs for 30 hours of full playback time. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Does the Headgear headphones have a cable? 

Yes, it does if you want to use it without Bluetooth. 

Does the Headgear headphones come with a microphone?

No, they do not. 

Does the Fulllight headphones fit a 10-year old boy?

I think so because the beanie is garterized. 

Is the battery replaceable for the Fulllight headphones?

No, the battery is not replaceable but its battery has a large capacity of 250 mAh and they make use of the upgraded Bluetooth chip and speakers for low consumption to extend the battery life. It will support 300 times recharge and can keep working for 16 to 20 hours per charge. 

How to remove the headphones to wash the beanie of the Fulllight headphones?

There is a reserved hole in the inner side of the beanie. You can slowly pull out the Bluetooth Module through the hole.

Will the Fulllight speakers work with a Samsung 5 phone?

If it has a Bluetooth, then yes. 

Can the Fulllight speakers get wet if snowing or raining?

It would not. 

What is the circumference of the hat in inches or centimeters? I know it will probably stretch some but I want to get an idea of how well it will fit? 

Better to check the dimensions on the box. But I am sure it is just written on their website. 

How long does the Fulllight speakers battery usually last?

After full charging, the Bluetooth can support up to five to six hours of music and talking time so I would say that it is pretty long for its cost. 

How can I wash this? Can the Fulllight headphones be washed through a washing machine or hand wash?

I would say that it is best to be washed using the hands. The washing machine might be too rough. 

Can you wash the Fullight speakers?

Yes! But it needs some pulling out for the headset and controller. But all in all, yes, it is washable. 

Final Thoughts 

When choosing a headphone, it is important to check its possibilities and which one is value for money. Personally, I would go for the Meidong E7C Over-Ear Headphones since it suits my preference, environment, and taste. But still, it boils down to the preferences each customer has. 

But make sure to go through the buying guide and carefully check all the headphones’ features before checking out on the counter or swiping out your credit card! 

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