5 Best Headset Microphone for Podcasting

Whether you are new in the podcast field or been a long-time podcaster, you still need a guide to help you in every way if you are bound to buy a new headset microphone. We, as your guardian, are responsible that you choose the best headset microphone out there. Below, we compiled the best headset microphones available in the market that can cater your needs. If you want to know more, just scroll down. 

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XIVIO Plug ‘N Play USB Gaming Condenser Microphone

Equipped with studio headphones, the XIVIO Plug ‘N Play USB Gaming Condenser Microphone features a large aperture drive! Yes, you heard it! This brings an ultimate listening and recording experience. 

This microphone has a 50 millimeter driver for a deep and accurate bass response bringing the user a treat in their ears! While It has an advanced active noise reduction technology that makes you want to focus on what you hear. It is built with a foldable, flexible, and skin texture design for more durability and comfort. 

Another thing is it comes with an additional adapter with a 3.5 millimeter to 6.35 millimeter plug which you can connect to a mixer to meet more of your needs! This comes with a professional sound chipset of 192 kHz/24 bit which lets the USB microphone hold a high-resolution sampling rate of 30 Hz to 16 kHz extended frequency response excellent for singing, speech, and voice over. 

It also comes in a plug and play mode with the USB 2.0 data port which is easy to connect with your computer and Linux operating system with ditching extra driver, external sound card, and phantom power. This makes it easy to sound good on podcasts, live streams, video calls, and other kinds of recordings. 

Product specifications:


  •  Plug and play mode
  •  Large aperture unit
  •  Additional adapter
  •  Professional sound chipset


  • Incompatible with other systems
  • No controls 



MAONO USB Microphone Set 

Easy to install, the MAONO USB Microphone Set can be simply plug into the USB port like Mac or any other laptops, select it as your input settings with no requirement to install the software and just plug and play! You can use the MAONO USB Microphone Set for chats, podcasts, or singing. 

This microphone is a pro-grade microphone for premium audio performance and smooth, and accurate capture of the source audio. With smooth, flat frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz, the extended frequency response is excellent for singing, speech and instruments, performed perfectly in reproduces sound, high quality microphone and perfect voice recorder ensure that your exquisite sound reproduces on the internet. Cardioid polar pattern improves isolation of desired sound source.

With high speed USB Cable that lengths up to 1.5m with no loss! It is also a detachable set that can be carried everywhere. This microphone stand features a 3-legged base that retracts and folds up easily for convenient storage and portable. While the double nylon net microphone wind screen pop filter helps you against poisoning and popping to get your best vocal recordings and the 360-degree flexible gooseneck provides adjustment of any angle or position as you want to This is recommended for musical Instruments, broadcasting, podcast, interviews, voice recording, video conference, singing over internet, gaming, online chatting such as Facebook, MSN, Skype and more. Do the job well for streaming broadcast, OBS and team-speak. 

Product specifications:


  • With accessories included 
  • Easy to install
  • Clear audio quality
  • Satisfaction


  • No foam included
  • No function control


FIFINE USB Studio Condenser Microphone

The FIFINE USB Studio Condenser Microphone enables a simple setup, providing a direct convenient plug and play connection to Mac and Windows computers without needing any additional hardware for recording vocals, podcasts, and using applications like Skype. It is never the easiest to get high-quality sound for your voice and computer-based recordings with this one!

It is built in rugged construction for durable performance because the vocal microphone offers a wide frequency response and handles high SPLs with ease. This is most ideal in projects, home studios because the cardioid condenser capsule offers crystal-clear audio for communicating, creating, and recording. It comes ready to go with a desktop microphone stand and 2.5 meters USB cable with guaranteed to get surrounding results.

The durable arm set is versatile and sturdy with broadcast suspension boom scissor arm that gives great tools for capturing voice in a podcast or voiceover. The double pop filter provides two layer of dissipation, removes the rush of air caused by vocal plosives, minimizing the popping sounds that can compromise your recording is great for studio as well as home use. 

This is also easy to attach because the streaming microphone has adjustable boom studio scissor arm stand that features a heavy-duty combo mount that consists of a sturdy C-clamp and a detachable desktop with 13 inches fixed horizontal arm and offers a 30 inches reach. The low-profile, table-hugging design allows on-air talent to perform without facial obstruction to record podcasts or make dubbing sounds for videos, use voice chats in online games, or do business in Skype. 

Product specifications:


  • Wide usage
  •  Durable
  •  Versatile stands
  •  Cardioid pattern


  • Foam separated
  • No controls included


TONOR USB Gaming Microphone

Just plug and play with the TONOR USB Gaming Microphone through the USB 2.0 data port, the TC-777 requires no additional driver software so you could play and record all day without the hassle!

Ditch your sound card or phantom power because this microphone does not need one. Built with a cardioid pickup pattern, this captures vocal sounds and produces clear, smooth, and crisp  results. It also eliminates and suppresses unwanted background noise coming from the sides and rear. 

Worry less with complex assemblies and set ups because this product is easy to install! Yes, you heard it right. You only need to unfold the three-legged stand directly and adjust the position of the pop filter. The shock mount of this can also be unscrewed and attached to a boom stand with ⅝” threaded. 

This USB gaming microphone is highly recommended for gaming, streaming, chatting, podcasting, recording, and in applications like Skype and Youtube. Avail this product and get a 1x microphone with power cord, 1x foldable microphone tripod, 1x mini shock mount, 1x pop filter, 1x manual, and 1x service card. Please do not assume that this is not compatible with phones, Apple-powered devices, and Xbox. 

Product specifications:


  • Plug and play 
  • Cardioid pickup pattern
  • Easy installation 
  • Wide usage


  • Incompatible with gadgets 
  • No buttons/controls


Piy Painting USB Microphone

The Piy Painting USB Microphone features a crystal-clear audio recording! Worry no more with bad results because this is the real deal!

This microphone features a cardioid pickup pattern that screens out unwanted background noise and captures sound that is crisp, rich, and true to the source. This also has a sensitivity of 20% higher than other microphones so you do not need to keep your face as close as possible to get loud and clear audio. It comes in a USB 2.0 cable and after being plugged, the systems whether Mac OS or Windows, it is recognized. No need for extra drivers, softwares, or phantom power because this has an easy connection.

With a one-step installation, just unfold the tripod and attach it to the base of the microphone and rotate the microphone in 0 to 180 degree independently from the base to adjust in the perfect position. 

This is highly recommended for Cortana, Discord or mobile features like voice chatting and voice recognition. 

Product specifications:


  •  Easy to assemble
  •  Cardioid pickup pattern
  •  Wide usage
  •   Extra drivers



  • There is no warranty 


Buying Guide: Everything You Need To Know When Buying A Podcast Microphone


Directional Capability 

The directional capability often mentioned in microphones are omnidirectional and cardioid. Now, what are these two? I will explain it in simpler terms. 

Omnidirectional microphones have the capability of picking up sounds coming from any direction may it be from the front, sides, or rear, including background noises. This is ideal for broadcasting news and interviews but not for personal use like podcasting. 

While cardioid microphones only pick up sounds coming from the front and eliminating all background noises. This type of microphone remains to be one of the top best-selling microphones in the market. So, in this case, you might want to opt for cardioid microphones.


The impedance of a microphone is another thing that you need to buy before splurging money. Impedance means the ability to be receptive to a sound signal or AC current which is measured in Ohms. The standard unit for a good microphone is having an impedance of 600 Ohms or lower. So, better to keep track of these numbers on your shopping. 

Frequency Range

Most frequency response ranges are labeled on the box of the microphone. It is put there in specific numbers but most people do not know what this is about. But the numbers will not matter so much but the classification will. If you will record vocals and musical instruments, get a middle to higher frequency response. But, if you will record for bass instruments, get a lower one. 


Of course, a microphone’s durability is one of the things you should look for. Check if these models or the brand is able to withstand difficult pressures regardless of the materials used. But for most USB condenser microphones, once it is dropped, the shock causes defects to the item. This is because of how the microphone is designed and structured. So, better to be careful handling your item. 


The cost is the last thing you want to know about. Condenser microphones are naturally and normally expensive so expect that these products fall on the expensive line. But do not be discouraged, this is an investment and in return, it will give you good results and long term use. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


As a gamer, how to set the TONOR USB Gaming Microphone to its best effect? 

Set the input and output level of the microphone on your computer at around 60 percent to 80 percent and keep a pickup distance of 3 to 5 inches. Speak straight in front of the microphone capsule and get good sounding with lowest background noise.  

Is the TONOR USB Gaming Microphone compatible with Windows 10?

Each of the TONOR USB Gaming Microphone has undergone system compatibility test and it is compatible with Windows7, Windows8, Windows10, and WindowsXP. So, yes, it is compatible. 

Is the  Piy Painting USB Microphone ideal for podcasting?

It has an excellent sound capture so I would say yes. 

Can I sing into the  Piy Painting USB Microphone and then edit the song on Windows or Mac?

Of course you can because this microphone is compatible with both of the systems you mentioned. 

What do the XIVIO Plug ‘N Play USB Gaming Condenser Microphone come with?

Wired headphones, condenser microphone, adjustable scissor arm stand, metal shock mount, pop filter, foam microphone windscreen, table mounting clamp, USB-B to USB-A, 3.5 millimeter to 6.35 millimeter adapter. 

Do the XIVIO Plug ‘N Play USB Gaming Condenser Microphone function with Windows 10?

Yes because this microphone comes with a USB 2.0 data port which is easy to connect with your computer and Linux operating system. No need for additional drivers, external sound cards. 

Is the MAONO USB Microphone Set suitable for two people next to each other?

Yes, but for sound collection, it is better when there is only one person speaking.

How long is the cable for MAONO USB Microphone Set?

Like 3 feet. 


Final Thoughts

By now, you have an idea on what to buy and may known a few terms based on our explanation above. We hope we have given an insight for your shopping and podcasting journey! 


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