5 Best Microphone for Home Studio

We all want to have the best sound system with the comfort of our own home. But, how do we do this? Got no idea? Well, we got you covered! Below are the top five best microphones for your home sound system studio. 

Choosing the best microphone to use for your home studio might not be a walk in the park. You have to go through all sorts of specifications and features. In the end, you will end up lazy and burnt out. Our job is to help you narrow down the list until you finally choose the best one out there. If you want to know more, just scroll down below. 

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NASUM USB Computer Microphone 

Simply plug and play with this microphone featuring a convenient connection to any USB port! Compatible with Mac and Windows softwares, you can create your own audio by simply selecting this as the input in your computer’s settings. No need for any complex installation of softwares because this is an easy assembly!

It features a distinctive dual layer filter to prevent popping sounds and improve vocal recordings. It comes in a tripod and wind screen accessories with ultra-compact design for maximum portability. You can fix this microphone on a desk with the mini flexible head which can be rotated up to 270 degrees. It also comes with an anti-spray cover to reduce unwanted noises. 

This is commendable to musical instruments, broadcasting, podcasting, interviews, voice recording, video conference, online chatting, and applications like Facebook, MSN, and Skype. Moreover, get 2 years of service warranty and 30 days of unconditional return through their customer service support. 

Product specifications: 


  • Great compatibility
  • Dual layer filtration
  • With warranty card 
  •  Rotatable flexible head


  • Pickup pattern low
  • High noise floor


FIFINE Plug ‘N Play USB Microphone

Featuring an omnidirectional pickup pattern, the FIFINE Plug ‘N Play USB Microphone cancels noise and isolates the main sound source from all unwanted noises. Simply plug and play to any available USB port and you are good to enjoy this all day! 

It has a flat frequency response with 50 Hz to 16 kHz which is relatively high to be recommended for singing, speeches, and voice overs. This microphone ensures an exquisite sound reproduces perfectly. 

This is recommended for home studios and mobile gadget features like chatting on Facebook, Skype, Messenger, and all other platforms. Also record directly from your computer because this is suitable for studio vocals, gaming, podcasts, and desktop recording due to the wide frequency response for brilliant and transparent sound with extremely high signal output that lets your voice cut through. 

Product specifications: 


  • Omnidirectional pickup pattern
  • High frequency range
  • Wide applications
  •  Noise cancellation


  • No volume controls 
  • Poor mount stand 


MAONO Condenser Microphone Kit 

This MAONO Condenser Microphone Kit is built in high configuration with a large driver unit of 16 millimeter to provide extended frequency response and superior transient response. It also handles  a high SPL handling and wide dynamic range making wide versatility. 

It features a full metal construction using high-quality materials to protect the microphone from being hurt easily as well as the internal structure. The adjustable scissors arm bracket is made out of aluminum alloy structure which is durable. Just fold and carry it easily using the professional drop tests, the quality of this microphone is worth guaranteed!

This high-quality XLR microphone is great for podcasting, recording, streaming, gaming, and online chatting. This microphone also uses a 98 male to female XLR cable connection from the pro-grade microphone cord designed specifically for this product. This cardioid pointing can reduce the pickup of surrounding noise and bring you an immersive recording experience with the shock absorber also reducing the noise caused by vibration. 

With the inclusive pop filter and windscreen cap that can lower wind and saliva interference, it makes the voice clear. This microphone has a broad compatibility, just get your phantom power supply or sound card that can provide 48V through the sound card or phantom power supply to connect Windows, IOS, iPad, iPhone. 

Avail this and get 1x boom arm, 1x metal shock mount, 1x pop filter,  1x windscreen, XLR to XLR cable, and 1x user manual with warranty card. 

Product specifications: 


  • High configuration
  •  XLR inclusive
  • Wide compatibility
  •  Versatile


  • Phantom power needed
  • Sound card required


Audio-Technica AT2020 Cardioid Condenser Studio Microphone

The Audio-Technica’s AT2020 is an ideal microphone for project use or home studios. With a noise level of 20 db spl and wide dynamic range, it provides an unmatched versatility. Its customized low mass diaphragm provides extensive frequency response and super transient response. 

It’s cardioid polar pattern reduces pickup of sounds from the sides and rear. Thus, focusing on the main vocals. This improves the isolation of noise resulting in a desired sound production. You can get this in either the AT2020 or AT2020 in Streaming or Podcast Pack. It comes in black finish and limited edition chrome color. 

For its built, I would say that this is the normal to standard microphone for just starting outs or beginners who want to broaden their knowledge and explore the music production process. Also, since it is affordable, this is value for money for newbies. 

Product specifications: 


  • Affordable  
  •  Comes with a stand
  •  Noise isolating device
  •  Comes in limited edition color


  • Standard microphone 
  •  Limited color choice 


LEXSO USB Condenser Microphone Kit 

The LEXSO USB Condenser Microphone Kit is adjustable in volumes and echo effects by turning on the knobs. No need for professional software to get a better voice because you can control the sounds with these microphones! 

With intelligent noise cancelling technology, this is designed with professional sound chipset with high sensitivity and premium omnidirectional condenser microphone that can pick up and reduce background noise to the best possible location for sounding to your computer. It is also compatible through the USB port of the microphone directly into your laptop or desktop computer with the built-in sound card with no requirements of other drivers. 

This is also durable with the versatile and sturdy broadcast suspension boom scissor arm giving a great tool for capturing voice in a podcast or voiceover with the 270 degree suspension arm holder.


Product specifications: 


  • Volume control 
  • Noise cancelling technology 
  • 270-degree arm holder
  •  Diverse applications


  • Noise floor 
  • Adapter required 


Buying Guide: Everything You Need To Know About Home Studio


By now, you have read all the features about the top best headphones we gathered for your listening experience. But, you need to know these things to make sure your money does not go to waste. Read the things you should look for in buying your next headphones: 


Headphones may come in either an open-back design or a closed one. Though this may depend on your preference, classical music is often partnered with an open-back design. Because an open-back design has closed cups to reduce background noise and allow reverberations to build up. It allows air and noise to blend with the audio and also helps in recreating concert hall effect so that you may feel the superb experience. So pro tip, if your main concern is the audio quality, go for open-back ones. 



Since you will be listening to classical songs and songs like these could go on forever, you need to invest in something not too tight or not too loose. Comfort should be your priority or else your ears will hurt in the long run. So, looking for comfortable headphones is a must. Consider a secure fit that holds on your ear for a long time. Invest in something that has soft ear pads so it would not hurt your ears. 


Generally, 20 to 20,000 Hz is the normal frequency range to be considered as the average human hearing range. So your next headphones must be within this range to be able to portray realistic sound production. Classical music contains bass as low as 30 Hz and double bass up to 30 Hz also. But due to the genre being complex, it is important to attain balance. 

Signature Sound 

Non-classical music fans may not know this but classical music relies on the mid-range. This is classical music’s signature sound, no heavy bass and all. So the headphones you should be looking at should have the neutral or also known as flat  sound and not exaggerated low or high ends. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Does the NASUM USB Microphone come with a mute button?

No, it does not. 

What program can you use to use these NASUM USB Microphone on a Macbook?

You can try GarageBand on Macbook, it is a useful audio editing software. 

How far away will the FIFINE Plug ‘N Play USB Microphone pickup? I am a classroom teacher and I need it so the students can still hear it even if sitting at the back. 

The best pickup distance would be 3 to 8 inches. I think if you speak loudly, the students will capture the voice clearly. 

How to use the FIFINE Plug ‘N Play USB Microphone to get a quality of sound?

Place the microphone away from any gadget like a smartphone or laptop, keep the environment and surrounding as quiet as possible, set the input level between 50 to 75 percent. It will make a difference. 

Is the hand of the MAONO Condenser Microphone Kit armstrong and what is the size of the table clamp?

This microphone is made of aluminum alloy material and is very strong. The size of the table clip is 3-2.1 inches. 

Is the MAONO Condenser Microphone Kit good for podcasts?

Yes, it is suitable for podcasts. 

Does Audio-Technica’s AT2020 come with an XLR cable?

No, it does not come with an XLR cable or stand. 

Are you able to use the Audio-Technica’s AT2020 as a USB microphone or be able to put this into your Macbook Pro?

If you use a conversion box, yes. This specific model uses an XLR interface because it requires phantom power (three prong, cylindrical shape). You can spend about $100 on a usb conversion box and use this model. I Use an AKAI professional ($250+) which can handle up to 4 mics and 4 outputs ALONG WITH the usb cable. All that said, you can bypass the whole thing and buy an “AT2020 USB”. It hooks directly up to the laptop and there’s no other equipment to buy. Warning: If you use an AT2020 USB, it will eat up your battery life, you NEED to have your machine plugged in to use it for a long duration. Reason is: the mic takes about 40 volts of power and audio recording and engineering is a processor intensive task (more CPU work = more power being consumed), it also takes a lot of memory so your HDD will be running non stop. If you’re using this for fun, get the USB and save the money. If you’re looking to get into more serious work, use the XLR as it’s compatible with more high end equipment.


Final Thoughts 

Choosing a new studio condenser microphone is indeed hard. There are so many variants available in the market that you get so confused and end up buying the wrong microphone. Well, we are here to help you. 

By now, you probably have an idea of what to buy. Whatever that is, I hope you carefully and thoroughly checked it out! You do not want to regret and end up throwing that microphone in the trash bag, so good luck!


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