6 Best Microphones for Public Speaking

To share ideas and capture your audience’s attention, you need two things: a good platform and a good microphone. Public speaking or also known as an oration is commonly done in a formal way with a speaker and a large crowd. So you would want to deliver your message in the clearest and loudest way. 

Below are some of the microphones we have gathered that will help you convey messages when it comes to public speeches. If you want to learn more, scroll down below.

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6 Best Microphones for Public Speaking


KIMAFUN Wireless Microphone 

With its 2.4 GHz wireless microphone, the KIMAFUN Wireless Microphone automatically connects its user when turned on. The brand boasts its low radiation, low interference, with high signal stabilization and fast transmission. It also stands with short audio delay for less than 0.02 seconds for a loud, clear, and fidelity sound. 

The build of this microphone comes in both headset and handheld which you can use in two ways: remove the detachable head bracket and hold the transmitter in one hand or just wear it as it is. Moreover, it works with a rechargeable Li-ion battery that can be powered via USB for a working time of more than 6 hours. 

Judging its appearance, it appears lightweight because of its ergonomic design built for comfort and stability, giving the user a smooth performance on stage. Aside from this, it has 5 to 30 watts of output power, the reason why it generates a loud sound. This microphone has diverse compatibilities from its 3.55 and 6.55 audio connectors to speakers, amplifiers, computers, and more. 

I love how convenient this is to use from its design, connectivity, and longevity of performance. However, since this is a mini microphone, this may be suited only for small enclosed spaces, worship houses, presentations, and lectures. Nevertheless, this is a good catch to do its job. 

Product Specifications: 


  • Bluetooth connectivity 
  •  Wearable in two ways 
  •  Longevity of power 
  •  Lightweight


  • Limited color choice 
  •  Batteries sold separately 



Pyle 2-Channel Wireless Microphone

The only microphone on the list with 2 selectable channels, the Pyle 2-Channel Wireless Microphone gives its users 2 selectable frequency channels and a 160 ft operation range for wireless usage, may it be singing to karaoke music to energetic on-stage performances. It sports a UHF Band for a signal audio transmission, designed for a clear, noise-free, and distortion-free. 

You should not worry about sound levels since it has an independent mic volume control and a dual output jack to plug in other external devices. It comes in a package that includes a receiver base, TRS ¼ cable, power adapter, 2 body-pack transmitters, 2 headsets, and 2 lavalier lapel microphone. Create wider possibilities since it is recommended to use for schools, classrooms, churches, and homes both for personal and professional use. 

I like how the microphones have independent volume control. This is ideal when there are two speakers that will use the microphone. You can easily lower it down so the other speaker can talk without worrying about side noises. 

Product Specifications: 


  •  Independent volume control 
  •  Can be personal or professional use 
  •  Wide usage 
  •  2 frequency channels 


  •  Comes in only one color 
  •  No Bluetooth connection stated


Nady SP-4C Dynamic Neodymium Microphone 

Comes in a powerful neodymium element, the Nady SP-4C Dynamic Microphone goes through the loudest sound pressure without compromising sound. The aluminum voice coil provides noise-free and accurate reproduction across the audio. This microphone is perfect for an all-purpose and versatile stage recording. 

In addition to this, it has an all-metal and rugged construction for maximum reliability featuring a zinc die-cast case and steel mesh. Its cable is professionally graded with 15 ft XLR to ¼. 

Personally, I feel like wired microphones would limit my on-stage performance so I tend to go with wireless ones to create more projections. However, that is my taste only. This would be suitable if it is used in speeches without extra movements. 

Product Specifications: 


  • Built with a neodymium element 
  •  Tight polar pattern 
  •  Professional grade 
  •  Ultra-light aluminum coil 


  • Wired microphone 
  • Limited channel 



Studio Z Dual Channel Wireless Microphone 

Brags about their “move without restriction,” the Studio Z Dual Channel Wireless Microphone commits to a dual-frequency channel and broad audio response with low distortion so you can enjoy a cordless and free performance in public speakings, parties, and churches. 

This microphone has a channel frequency range of 200 to 230 MHz, ideal for capturing high signal audio. It is also convenient for its power switch. The microphone itself has a power on and off switch with a LED status signal indicator light. Just plug this into your mixer, amplifier, or speaker with a ¼ mono cable. The microphone comes in a package with a receiver, 2 wireless handheld dynamic transmitters for outdoor and indoor uses. 

I love its dual-frequency and how you can actually use this in different events but one thing that turns me off is that you need to buy batteries because it is battery powered. That might be an additional cost of money. Also, it did not mention any Bluetooth activity. 

Product Specifications: 


  • Dual-frequency 
  •  Power status 
  •  Wide range of usage 
  •  Low distortion 


  • Battery-powered 
  • No wireless connections 



MAONO Professional Wired Microphone 

The SENWON 8-Channel Wireless Microphone features a dynamic cardioid microphone for efficiently reduced noise. The microphone itself comes in an all-metal body with smooth and stable structure and metal mesh head with an inbuilt foam layer. Its height is a standard size of body mic that fits securely in a microphone stand. 

It is easy to operate because the 19.68 feet audio cable gives more space for activities. Aside from this, you can plug and play this in multiple external devices using the XLR to ¼ cable supplied. It fully supports DVD, television, KTV, reverberator, mixer, and tour buses. 

What you get from the package is a 3 pieces handheld dynamic microphone, 3 pieces 19.68 feet XLR to 6.35 mm cable, 1x user’s manual, and a MAONO 12-month warranty. This microphone tops any other microphone because you get 3 pieces at 1 price because most products are sold in 2 pieces only. 

Product Specifications: 


  •  3 pieces microphone 
  •  Warranty 
  •  Wide range of external connections
  •  Inbuilt foam layer 


  • No hands-free option 
  •  No channel 



SENWON 8-Channel Wireless Microphone 

The SENWON 8-Channel Wireless Microphone is lightweight and high for its performance. It sports a wide range of connections from SLR cameras, home DV, cameras, cellphones, and professional recorders. This is applicable to video recording, program hosting, interviews, and other wireless applications. 

It adopts a UHF wireless digital encryption communication technology with 8 selectable channels. The portable receiver auto searches is also for the best channel for reliable performance and distortion-free performance. It has an easy to read LCD information that displays constant monitoring system operation. 

Product Specifications: 


  • 8-Channels 
  • Easy setup 
  • Automatic search  
  • Wireless system 


  •  One-color option 
  •  Not covered by warranty


Buying Guide: What You Should Be Looking For 

By now, you may have an idea or choice on what microphone to get for your next public speech, but hold up! We are not yet done. Here are some things you should be knowing and looking for, for your next purchase. 


Microphone Type 

Before making a purchase, it is best to know what microphone type you should be looking for. The most commonly used microphones are handheld, headset, and lavalier. A handheld microphone is typically seen in interviews and is used by vocalists because it is easy to pass the microphone from one member to another. While a headset microphone is suited for people active on stage like fitness instructors, singers, and dancers. The microphone is worn on their head and is connected to a bodypack transmitter.

Lastly, a lavalier is the standard microphone for public speakers, preachers, stage actors, and presenters. You simply use this by clipping the microphone to your clothing and similar to handheld ones, it is connected with a bodypack transmitter. 

Know your purpose before buying a microphone. Since you will be doing public speeches, it is best to get a handheld or lavalier. 


Wired or wireless? 

Microphones can either be wired or wireless. Some public speeches are made with speakers in just one place like government officials’ talks but some are also made in a freeway like speakers in Ted Talks. If you are a long time speaker, for now, think of the speeches you conducted. Does it require you to talk to people? Does it require you to stay in one place? 

If it needs certain movements, I suggest getting wireless microphones. But if you need microphones for something formal, get a  wired one. Nonetheless, it does not revolve around mobility. Make sure you get a quality one that does not distort sounds and vibrates. 


One consideration you should be looking for is how durable the product is. You need a microphone that can standby long hours of talking with ease and comfort. This is an investment you would be making so make sure it goes out in the long run. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are the most asked questions gathered by our writers. 


How do I know if the KIMAFUN Wireless Microphone is fully charged? And how do I know when the battery is at 10%? Or needs recharging asap? 

There is no indicator of the percentage of battery life. However, as long as you do not exceed the power lifespan of 6 hours, then you are good to go. 


Is the KIMAFUN Wireless Microphone a good microphone for fitness instructors? 

Yes because I have found it reliable and great value especially for normal audio ranges of speaking voices. 


Can the Pyle Microphone be plugged into a computer to record?

If it is compatible with your PC, then yes. 


Can the Pyle Microphone be used in theaters? 

Yes if it reaches your director’s preference on mics. 


Does the Nady Microphone work with Asio SA76 44 mini? 

Yes! It works great. 


Can the Nady Microphone be plugged into a Casio CTK-700 keyboard?

Yes, it does. 


Can the KIMAFUN speaker be connected with a Macbook for making videos? 

No, it cannot be connected with a Bluetooth but a headphone jack. 


Would the KIMAFUN speakers work with teachers under a mask? 

It will work but it may rub against the microphone because of the placement. You may hear rubbing sounds. 


Where does the transmitter go when working with the KIMAFUN speakers? 

You can just clip it on whatever area. Most likely your clothes. 


Is the KIMAFUN speaker compatible with a DELL laptop?

Yes, it is. 


Will the KIMAFUN speaker work with Mac?

As long as you have the proper cords, then it will. 


Final Thoughts 

Public speaking is bothessential for the speaker and the audience. It is a vital key part of society benefiting businesses, education, and the whole community. Public speaking is a presentation done in a live audience and covers a wide array of topics. 

When given a chance to do a public speech among hundreds or thousands of people, it may be complex in telling them your speech due to technicalities, vocals, and the microphone. So you want to be able to have the best medium on how to deliver your message effectively and clearly for the audience to understand what you yearn for. 

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