6 Best Bluetooth Shower Head Speakers

Sometimes, we want to enjoy and dance even inside the shower. In case you are looking to have the best time in your life while taking a bath, then take a look at the best shower head speakers you can find.

I love to sing in the shower and I know you do too! So here are is the 6 best shower head speakers we compiled for your next shopping! 

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BassPal IPX7 Bluetooth Speakers 

Allowing you to control the time and battery through its Bluetooth mode, the BassPal IPX7 Bluetooth Speakers features a multi-functional LED display. With the LED blending through the rhythm of the music, it boasts seven different colors that can be played simultaneously or not. 

It boasts an IPX7 which means you can use this in full waterproof mode. It can be submerged in water in up to 3 feet for a duration of 30 minutes. Experience an enjoyable shower with its TWS 3D Stereo Sound for a 360-degree surround sound with no distortion. 

Let’s talk about my likes, the different colors caught my attention as some may be looking for the aesthetic side of this product. With various colors available, it can easily match any design so you do not have to worry about it unmatching your current style. Another thing is the LED display which you can control the time and see the battery status, this is also a plus since this will alert you whether you are taking too long in the shower or if it needs recharging. Overall, this goes right in the list. 

Product Specifications: 


  • Seven color choices
  •  Longevity in water 
  •  Surround sound 
  •  Fast connection


  •  No warranty mentioned 
  •  Low sound 

Aduro AquaSound WSP20 Shower Speaker 

Compatible with any Bluetooth powered device, the Aduro AquaSound WSP20 Shower Speaker is capable of skipping songs, forwarding, pausing, playing right from the start with its water-resistant speakers. Available in 8 different colors, it features a suction cup to be easily attached to your shower wall or any flat surface. 

This is recommended for showers, baths, swimming pools, and boats. Moreover, it features a convenient phone handling because you can answer calls and hold a conversation throughout the call with the built-in microphone. 

It did not say much about the sound quality but judging from the cost, I would not expect much. But do not be discouraged! If you fancy their color choices, then this must be great for your bathroom experience. You can get it in black, black giraffe, cabana, hearts, pink, purple zebra, square, and white. 

Product Specifications: 


  •  Hands-free calling 
  •  Play, pause and stop buttons 
  •  Bluetooth connectivity 
  •  Suction cup


  •  Not ideal sound quality 
  •  No waterproof 

Homewerks Worldwide 3073-201-BT Shower Head 

The 6-inch diameter Homewerks Worldwide 3073-201-BT Shower Head features 5-spray settings and Bluetooth enabled. This can be wall-mounted but with precautions, since it is only water-resistant, not totally waterproof. This rechargeable shower head does not need additional batteries from your own money, just plug it in your power supply with the USB recharging cable from the package.

It runs from 8 hours when fully charged so you can enjoy a total bathing experience. I love its chrome finish that matches the contemporary design of the house. Keep in mind that it needs to be recharged after 5 hours of use with a signal status of flashing red. 

Product Specifications: 


  • 5-spray settings
  •  Rechargeable 
  •  Long playtime
  •  Unique color 


  •  Water-resistant only
  •  No suction cup 


EXKOKORO Portable Shower Speaker 

The EXKOKORO Portable Shower Speaker supports music from the TF Card of MP3 Format with its beautiful night led speaker. It comes in black and white color and an LED effect. The big horn portable speaker is built with high performance in the inner magnetic horn, high bass, and pitched effect. 

It has an easy button operation for switching music, volume control, call answering, and mode switching. Its enclosed waterproof structure could be used for outdoors, kitchen, bathroom, and other humid environments. 

I love how compact the product is and how convenient it is to bring anywhere even not for restroom use. Though it is only available in one color, the LED effect is enough to make it aesthetically pleasing. 

Product Specifications: 


  • Easy button operation
  • Hands-free calls 
  • Great usage in any environment 
  • Lightweight and compact 


  • Battery needed 
  •  Two-color available



BONBON Bluetooth Shower Speaker 

The waterproof shower speaker of BONBON does not let you stop enjoying your favorite playlist while splashing the water! With its unique suction cup design, it is easy to attach and remove the suction cup from any wall or flat surface. Its built-in microphone also lets you enjoy a hands-free call that automatically pairs your device with the speaker when it is in a close range. 

The Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 and stereo A2DP bring the perfect sound experience that allows us to switch music, control volume, and answer calls. Compatible with any Smartphones or any Bluetooth-enabled device,  get this in 4 different color choices! I love its bright and solid color available in black, blue, green, and pink. 

Product Specifications: 


  • Bright and full colors
  •  Bluetooth connectivity
  •  With suction cup 
  •  Hands-free usage 


  • No audio jack 
  •  Short battery life 


iFoxcreations iF013 Bluetooth Shower Speaker 

The unique design of iFoxcreations IF013 Bluetooth Shower Speaker differs among the rest! Its breath-taking sound quality offers a rich and deep bass for crystal clear sound. The Bluetooth-enabled shower speaker delivers a booming sound for its 5W speaker to get you dancing or singing in the shower. 

It sports a fully waterproof and even submersible speaker! Just what I like. The IP67 certification makes it 100% waterproof safe for showers, bathroom, beach, bathtub, boat, and car. Wherever your indoor or outdoor, you can always listen to your playlist. It comes with a stable suction cup that sticks almost anywhere like shower walls, car windows, desktops, bathroom tile, kitchen counters with an 8-hour playtime. 

Connect with the iFoxcreations IF013 Bluetooth Shower Speaker using its advanced Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity from your phones, tablets, computers up to 33 inches away in 4 seconds. Enjoy the beat with the optional LED lighting display that enhances the mood in every room and beat. 

Product Specifications: 


  • Fully waterproof 
  •  Bluetooth-enabled 
  • 12-month warranty guaranteed
  •  Stackable suction cup 


  • Voice indications
  •  Rugged low sound


Buying Guide: What You Need To Know Before Buying A Shower Head Speaker 



Since you will be using this most likely on wet areas, your best choice is getting a speaker with Bluetooth connectivity. You do not want to invest on shower head speakers that use external cords since the chance of getting wet and breaking is high. In this way, you can leave your phone away from the wet surfaces while keeping the connection on. Enjoy your bath with background music. 


Since going in a shower might cause the music to be eaten by its loud sound, make sure the speakers you get have the capability of volume controls. Considering hands-free calls and answering them is important too! 


Sometimes, you do not use them for shower use only because some speakers can be used both indoors and outdoors so it is really diverse in usage. So get a speaker that can last a long lifespan of power and short battery charging.

Sound quality

Of course, this should be one of the things in your top priority. Take note of products, reviews, and buying guides like this to know some of the product’s features. 


Check if this is only for bathroom usage or can be used in any environment. You would want to make the best out of the money you are splurging so make sure that you can use it to its best possibilities. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to set the clock minutes in my Basspal speaker? 

Just click the upper left button. 

Do you need to detach the Homewerks speakers often just to charge it?

Yes but it powers for 3 to 6 hours when fully charged. 

How to pair the Homewerks speakers?

Make sure the speakers are charged and the volume to your phone and showerhead is up. Also, someone else’s household could be connected so place it as close to your phone. Make sure they have disconnected from the device also. It only allows one device to be connected to check their phones even if they were never paired. 

How are the Homewerks speakers powered? Do I need to detach it often just to charge it?

It powers for about 3 to 6 hours with a full charge. 

Are the EXKOKORO Speakers compatible with iPhone 7?

It depends on the connectivity or cord. 

Can I use the EXKOKORO Speaker to answer the phone?

Yes, the speakers have a microphone.

Does the BONBON speaker come with a charging cord?

No, it does not. 

Can you link multiple connections together with the BONBON speaker?

No, you cannot.

How to pair the BONBON speakers with a phone?

Hold the power button for about 3 seconds to start the speaker. Next, use your smartphone to search the Bluetooth name and pair. Its Bluetooth name is BTS-06.

How to reset the BONBON speaker? It cannot connect to my device. 

Delete the unit from your phone and reset the Bluetooth link again. 

Does the EXKOKORO speaker work with Alexa? 

No, it cannot. 

Does the EXKOKORO speaker come with a charge?

Yes, it does. 

Does the Aduro speaker work with Alexa?

Yes, it does. 

How do I stick the Aduro speaker on the tile wall in my shower?

Just push it hard enough then it will stick. Very convenient. 


I have my phone connected with the Aduro speaker but no sound is coming out. How do I fix this?I turned the volume up all the way. Please help! 

Make sure to turn the volume up also from the device you are playing or connected to. Then, hold the next or forward button on the speaker to turn up its volume. You are dealing with two volume settings and one or the other may be set low. 

How do I pair the Aduro speaker to the device? 

Search it under the Bluetooth devices and find the Bluetooth name for Aquasound. Click on it and pair. You should have the speaker turned on for the device to show up in the list of whatever device you are using. 

Final Thoughts 

Remember that you are not just buying a speaker, but a shower head. First thing that must come in your mind is that, does this speaker make sound with dribbles? You would not want that. 

If I were the one shopping for a speaker head, I would personally buy the iFoxcreations IF013 Bluetooth Shower Speaker regardless of the design. Because I love how it boasts about the waterproof feature which should be the thing because you are going to be using this inside a wet area. You do not need a water-resistant, but a waterproof one. Next is I like its efficiency in fast connection since it is Bluetooth enabled. It is also portable and sports a suction cup, perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Lastly, it is covered in a year-long warranty card so if anything goes wrong, I can easily replace or refund the item from its customer service. 

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