6 Best USB Microphone for Voice Over Recording

For voice recordings, your voice must be produced in the top most quality. To make this happen, you need a good voice over recording equipment. Below are the top rated USB microphone for voice over recordings that will not surely fail you. 

It is not an easy task to go looking for the best offers in the market. That is why we have you covered and it is our job to make your life easier. Here are the best USB microphone that may fit every situation and environment. 

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XIIVIO USB Gaming Microphone Kit 

If you are looking for something that is not hard to install, the XIIVIO USB Gaming Microphone Kit is perfect for you. Just plug them into the USB port of any device as long as you select it as the input for the software settings. This microphone is a pro-grade condenser one for premium audio performance and accurate capture of the audio source. With a 20 Hz to 20 kHz, the extended frequency response is great for singing, speech, instrumental performance for a smooth reproduced sound. 

The USB that comes with this microphone extends from up to 1.5 meters with no loss because it is detachable. It also features a 3-legged base that retracts and folds up easily for convenient storage. Along with this, the pop filter helps against plosion and popping to get the clearest vocal recording. Another thing is the 360-degree flexible gooseneck that provides adjustment of any angle or position. 

This is recommended and fit for musical instruments, broadcasting, podcasts, interviews, voice recording, video conference, singing, gaming, and streaming broadcast. Get this with a 12-month limited warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee, and 24 hours customer service. 

Product specifications:


  • Easy to set up  
  • Pro-grade condenser
  • Wide usage
  • Detachable USB 


  • Sturdy screen
  • No standard stand 


Fifine Technology Plug ‘N Play Recording Microphone 

Just plug and play the Fifine Technology Plug ‘N Play Recording Microphone with the 5.9 foot USB cable included the best convenience with computers and laptops for direct connection. Built with solid and strudy metal construction design, the microphone is fully secured with the tripod stand. It has an additional volume knob for a lourder output. It is also more sensitive for sound source to be heard enough. 

With most microphones needing a 48V Phantom power, ditch that because you would not be needing it with this one. The USB-powered design condenser microphone can cover that for you. It works well with Cortana, Discord, and mobile features like voice chats and voice recognition. 

Moreover, it features a cardioid polar pattern condenser microphone for the external device to recognize vocal audio and produce clear, smooth and crisp sounds. This is highly recommended for gamers and streamers in isolating sounds from the main source and the background noise. 

Product specifications:


  • Easy to use
  •  USB-powered
  •  Cardioid polar pattern
  •  Suitable for gamers and streamers


  • Not compatible with Xbox and phones
  • Only comes in tripod stand 


Fifine USB Studio Condenser Microphone 

Coming from the same brand as the previous one, this USB Studio Condenser Microphone from Fifine enables a simple set up. The microphone kit provides a direct plug and play connection to software systems like Mac and Windows. You would not need any external or additional hardware for this. 

It is built in rugged construction for durable performance. Its microphone offers a wide frequency response and handles high SPLs. This microphone also features a cardioid condenser capsule which gives a crystal-clear audio for communication, creating, and recording. 

The arm set of this microphone is versatile and sturdy with broadcast suspension boom scissor arm and double pop filter that provides layers of dissipation, removes rush of air, and minimizes popping sounds. In addition to this, the arm stand is easy to attach since the heavy-duty combo can be mounted with the c-clamp and detachable desktop mount. The 13 inches fixed horizontal arm also offers a 30 inches reach. 

This microphone comes in an accessory package that consists a scissor arm stand, studio-grade shock mount, double pop filter, premium 8.2’ USB cable, tripod stand, microphone, user manual, free technical support, 12 months to 2 years warranty with online registration.

Product specifications:


  •  Convenient compatibility
  •  Handles high SPLs
  •  Easy to attach stand
  •  12 to 36 months of warranty


  • No noise cancellation
  • Does not totally blocks noise


TONOR TC-777 USB Gaming Microphone Kit 

With a USB in 2.0 version data port, just plug and play with the TONOR TC-777 USB Gaming Microphone Kit with no additional driver software, sound card, or phantom powered required! Ideal for gaming, streaming, chatting, podcasting, recording, or applications like Skype or Youtube. 

It features a cardioid pickup pattern that captures clear, smooth, and crisp sound in front of the microphone and isolates unwanted background noise from rear to sides. This microphone is easy to install without the need for any complex assmebly. Just unfold the three-legged stand directly and adjust the position of the pop filter, then you can enjoy! 

The shock mount that comes with this can be unscrewed and attached to a boom stand with ⅝” threaded inserted directly. Please do not that if the threaded insert comes in ⅜” then the ⅜” female to ⅝” threaded screw adapter is not needed which is sold separately. 

What you get in this package is a 1 piece microphone with power cord, 1 piece foldable microphone tripod, 1 mini shock mount, 1 piece pop filter, 1 manual, and a service card. Keep in mind that it is compatible with both Apple softwares and computers but not with phones, iPad, or Xbox. 

Product specifications:


  • Plug and play
  •  Features cardioid pattern
  •  Easy to assemble 
  •  Shock absorbent 


  • Limited compatibility 
  • No on and off switch


TKGOU M799B Professional USB Microphone

By simply plugging to any USB port, select the TKGOU M799B Professional USB Microphone as your input in your software settings and you are good to go and explore. Recommended for recording music, computer singing, or making podcasts, this microphone is easy to install on Mac devices or computer. 

It features a USB condenser microphone with cardioid polar patten to capture voice properly and produce clear, smooth, and crisp sounds without static noise. It is great for gamers and streamers who wishes to isolate sounds from the main source and separate background noise. 

It comes with a metal tripod stand, shock mount with metal goose neck 360 degrees adjustable to connect with the wind screen. Its frequency response range is between 20 Hz to 20 kHz for brilliant and transparent sound. 

Buy this microphone and get a 1 piece foldable microphone tripod, 1 piece mini shock mount, 1 piece pop filter, 1 piece manual, and a service card. 

Product specifications:


  • Plug and play feature
  •  Easy setup 
  •  Great frequency range
  •  360 degree shock mount


  • Limited compatibility 
  • Low reverb


TONOR Q9 USB Condenser Microphone Kit 

With USB A to B cable, the TONOR Q9 USB Condenser Microphone Kit is easy to connect with any Mac powered devices and Windows computer. No need for any driver software or sound card because this lets you to just plug and play. 

Aside from great sound due to the 16 mm large diaphragm, I love its user-friendly design. It is built with a convenient volume button for easier use. In working status, short press for adjusting microphone volume levels and 3 second long press for turning off the microphone. 

A complete microphone set includes a condenser microphone, metal shock mount, adjustable suspension scissor arm stand, desk mount clamp, pop filter, foam microphone cover, 1.8 M USB A to B cable and manual. All premium accessories are covered with warranty. 

Product specifications:


  •  USB A to B included
  •  Easy connectivity 
  •  Volume controls 
  •  Warranty covered


  • Not compatible with Xbox 
  • Loud noise floor


Buying Guide: What You Need To Know Before Purchasing Your USB Microphone For Video Recordings


Application uses 

If you think all microphones are the same, then you got it totally wrong. There are various kinds of microphones depending on uses such as for podcasts, interviews, quick reference recording, or voiceovers. For this instance, it is best to use plug and play microphones with USB ports if you plan on doing podcasts or recordings. 


You probably read about the 48V Phantom Power and you are wondering what the hell is this? It is usually the source of condenser microphones in order to operate. For convenience, get a microphone that does not need this because this will cost you more money. 


Most microphones can now support connections with Mac powered devices and Windows. Another thing that you should consider is buying microphones with these type of features since it is more efficient to use. 


Microphones vary from different price range and most quality and top rated microphones fall under the category of being expensive. However, there are good to better condition microphones that are also affordable. Nevertheless, make sure that buying a microphone do not break your bank. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is the XIIVIO USB Gaming Microphone suitable for two people next to each other? 

Yes, but for sound collection, it is better when there is only one person speaking.

How long is the cable for XIIVIO USB Gaming Microphone?

Approximately 3 feet. 

As a gamer, how to set the XIIVIO USB Gaming Microphone to its best effect? 

Set the input and output level of the microphone on your computer at around 60 to 80%. Keep pick up the distance at about 3 to 5 inches and speak straight in front of the mic capsule. Then you will get good sounding with the lowest background noise. 

Do I need the adapter for the Fifine USB Studio Condenser Microphone if I am putting it into a shock mount?

If you put the mic into the shock mount, it does not need any adapter. But you will need a ⅝’ male to ⅜’ female adapter to connect the shock mount with the boom arm and this adapter comes with. 

I am interested with the Fifine USB Studio Condenser Microphone for Skype and Zoom calls. Any thoughts?

Yes, it will work. You just need to plug this computer microphone into a Windows or Apple computer. Then select it which is named as USB PnP Audio Device as input device both under the computer sound settings and the Skype of Zoom. 

As a gamer, how to set up the TONOR TC-777 USB Gaming Microphone Kit to its best effect?

Set the input and output level of the microphone on your computer at around 60% to 80%. Keep pickup distance at about 3 to 5 inches and speak straight in front of the microphone capsule. Then you will get good sounding with the lowest background noise. 

How long is the cable of the TONOR TC-777 USB Gaming Microphone Kit?

It is about 3 feet long. 


Final thoughts

In the field of voice over recording, you must look for that microphone that ables to capture your voice and reverbs them into clear and crisp sound. Remember that your voice is your power and in order to do this, you must invest in equipment first. 

Moreover, if I would pick a microphone for my voice over recordings it might be either the Fifine’s Technology Plug ‘N Play Recording Microphone or USB Studio Condenser Microphone. But, the decision is still your call. 

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