Best Bass Headphones Under 1000

Best Bass Headphones Under 1000

Music is a very enjoyable form of art. If you listen carefully, you would know that music with good bass attracts you the most. There is a scientific reason behind this. Human brains tend to notice basses quicker than any other pitches. As a result, basses give us a whole different feel of the music. Good headphones are needed to feel the bass. So, in this article, you will get known to some of the best bass headphones under 1000.


Bass combines all the instruments together and gives the music a fuller sound. It is so important in music for the listener’s pleasure. If you are a music lover, you already know how drastically bass changes the music quality. So, you just need a good bass headphone in order to enjoy that.


It’s time to know about the top five of the best bass headphones under 1000.


LETSCOM Bluetooth Headphones, 100 Hours Playtime Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones

Best Bass Headphones Under 1000

In the first place, we have to keep this headphone because of its specialty. It has five different colors. You can choose whichever you like. This headphone has both wired and Bluetooth connection systems. If you like wired headphones, you can use cables in it. Again, if you like Bluetooth headphones, you can use it in a wireless way. It can serve you 100 hours of playtime. This headphone is specially designed to enrich the bass of the music for your pleasure. 


It’s very soft and durable earpads ensure user comfort. This headphone can be adjustable according to your preferred angle. Its matte finishing will impress you. Moreover, the Bluetooth connection of this headphone is very stable and quick. It can connect with your device within a few seconds. You will feel very comfortable using it because of its delicate weight. This headphone has a noise reduction method to give you complete isolation. 


Product specifications 


  • Extended battery life 
  • Good playtime
  • Well built 
  • Enhanced bass quality 


  • Average durability 
  • Short wire




COWIN E7 PRO [Upgraded] Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone/Deep Bass

Best Bass Headphones Under 1000

The first good thing about this product is, it comes in seven colors! Again, it is a wireless headphone. You will get a good noise reduction in quality. They claim to cancel even an airplane roar. You will get the perfect wearing comfort from this headphone. The earcups can be rotated for 90 degrees. 


The body of this headphone is impressive. It has a smooth skin texture. This headphone ensures deep and smooth bass. You will be able to experience the music more with the enhanced bass. It provides 30-hour playtime. This headphone is built with an 800 maH battery. It has a microphone too. You can operate it with different buttons. The Bluetooth connection is very quick. 


Product specification


  • Supportive for gaming
  • Provides well-balanced sound and bass
  • Extraordinary material quality 
  • Fantastic noise cancellation system 


  • Average durability 
  • Not well built 



Onedio Over-Ear Headphone, Wired Bass Headsets with 50mm Driver, Foldable Lightweight Headphones

Best Bass Headphones Under 1000

Onedio always has something incredible for the customers. This one is not different too. This headphone serves very well bass for your music experience. It has four colors. A unique technology is given in this headphone. You can share music with your friend and listen together with this headphone. The sound quality is premium, and so is the built quality. 


This headphone provides good permeability like no other headphones. It is well durable and stylish, as well. You will find its ear cups very comfy and soft to wear. It can be used for hours without any fatigue because of its lightweight. This headphone is very flexible to use. It doesn’t provide any adapter. It has two different cables to serve you. 


Product specifications 


  • Well durability 
  • Fantastic sound
  • Clear bass
  • The good noise cancellation process


  • Little overpriced
  • Average material 




Anker Soundcore Life Q20 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Wireless Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Best Bass Headphones Under 1000

Amazing performance and great durability combine this headphone together. It is available in two colors. It delivers exceptionally good treble and bass performance. Also, It provides outstanding performance in noise cancellation. Its microphone has two feedback options- inner and outer. You will get more bass with this headphone than any other device. You will be able to enjoy three long flights because it has 40 hours of playtime. Anker is always best for headphones. 


You will get outstanding bass experience with this headphone. It cancels low and mid frequencies to make you feel the real music. You will be able to use this without any discomfort because of its built quality. It is super comfortable. 


Product specifications 


  • Fantastic battery life
  • Good sound quality 
  • Great noise cancellation 
  • Fits perfectly 


  • Bad Bluetooth connection 
  • Not comfortable for gaming 




4 Driver Units EQ Bass 40 Hours Playtime Bluetooth Headphones Picun Wireless Headphones

Best Bass Headphones Under 1000

You will get two colors on this headphone. It controls treble and bass very well. The headphone is an over-ear headphone. It is a very lightweight and comfortable headphone. It has four speaker drivers for your outstanding experience. The playtime is 40 hours. If you use it with wires, you can use it for infinity time. It has buttons for music control.


The battery capacity is so high that you can charge it within minutes. The four-driver units provide clear bass and superb sound quality. You can switch the EQ modes by pressing buttons. It has battery indicators of LED lights. 


Product specifications 


  • User comfort
  • Great volume control 
  • Outstanding performance 
  • Superb bass 


  • Sounds muffled
  • Doesn’t provide good fitting.




Buying guide for best bass headphones under 1000

Before buying a headphone, you need to be sure about some things. Now I am going to give you a reminder about those things.


  • Materials- Material is the most important thing you have to be concerned about. If your headphones do not have good materials, then you never can have good service from that.


  • Quality- Getting a product with bad quality and unofficial brand can never be good for you. It will make you face problems with every step in working with it. So get a product which provides you a good quality.


  • Durability- Durability is a matter of great importance. However, good materials put a good impact on durability but check the warranty and people’s reviews while buying the headphone.


  • Budget- You must have limited the budget for buying a headphone. But there are some things about which you should think. If you are fixing the budget too low, then you can’t get a product with good quality, and it won’t last long. So fix an ideal budget.


  • Looks- Your headphone should come with a good look. We don’t like anything if it doesn’t look good. So make sure that your headphones have good looks.


  • Versatility- Ensure that your headphone is versatile enough. Without versatility, it won’t be considered as a good pair of headphones.


  • Comparing- Compare the headphone you chose with other headphones. This way will make you find the best option.


  • Special features- If you are watching on a headphone, which comes with special features, then have a deep look at that because it can be a perfect choice for you.


  • Volume- Check the volume level while buying the headphone.


  • Weight- If your headphones come with a heavyweight, it will feel uncomfortable, and you can’t work for a long period with it. But if you find a headphone with lightweight then you can feel comfortable while working with it.


  • Easy-cleaning- If your headphone doesn’t come with the easy cleaning option, then it can hamper you a lot. You can have major allergy problems too. To check if your headphones come with easy cleaning or not.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


You must have some questions about this item. So now, I am going to give answers to some frequently asked questions.


Are headphones bad for the brain?

Listening for a long period without any break can hamper you a lot. And it does more when you buy a headphone with low quality. The sound of those headphones hamper your brain a lot and does your ear.


Why can I hear from only one side of the headphone?

This mostly happens when there are problems in the wiring. But it also occurs when the jack of the headphone is put in the wrong way. In that case, you only hear in one ear from the headphone.


Does using headphones improve productivity?

In research, it has proved that 80% of employees find music to increase their productivity in work. So it is considered that using headphones to listen to music in the workplace increases productivity.


Can headphones change the shape of our heads?

Headphones can’t change the shape of your skull. Heavy headphones can put a little mark on the skin, but it will come to normal soon.


Why does my left-sided headphone sound low sometimes?

It mostly happens because of the ear wax. You just have to remove the silicone ear tips and use a toothbrush to clean it. It will come back to normal.


How loud is too loud for headphones?

Specialists said hearing from 60 to 85 decibels is enough for you. But if you hear about 100 decibels, then you have to use it for 15 minutes.


What if my headphone is too loud?

It will hamper you a lot then. Even at a time, you can be deaf too. So be very careful about the volume.


Is noise-canceling bad for our ear?

Noise cancellation doesn’t affect your hearing. For some people, it can cause dizziness. But it won’t create any hearing problem.


Does noise-canceling block voices?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. It doesn’t block the voices around us.


Is noise-canceling headphones bad for wearing at night?

It is not bad but also not safe. Wearing all night can hamper you a little bit.



Music is loved by all of us, isn’t it? So this favorite of all of us should come to our ear in a proper way.


Besides, those headphones put a great impact on making music. Just remove the headphones. A lot of problems are going to trouble us. From making the music to hearing the music, there is a great impact on headphones.


Listening is fine art. But this art can’t be done without headphones. Music is a partner for us when we don’t feel good, and we feel alone. Headphones provide us the perfect song within headphones without any outside sound. So that we can listen to music properly, these headphones don’t put any coloration too. So you can hear the sound exactly like the way it was made.


Headphones are in other premises too. Hearing any sound properly can’t be done without headphones. From listening to music to listening to audiobooks- headphones offer us a lot of opportunities.


Above I have mentioned the importance of headphones in our life. Here I showed some best bass headphones under 1000, which are also best situated for beginners. I hope this information will show you the right path. So further getting late, get the perfect headphone for you.


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