Best Computer Speakers Under 100

Most computers and laptops have speakers built into them, but these internal speakers are hardly ever large enough to offer good quality sound.

By hooking up a set of computer speakers to your PC or laptop, you can enjoy crystal clear sound, even when you are playing games or music from a simple computer. Many modern speaker systems are also compatible with many different devices, such as tablets and smartphones, for enhanced convenience.

In this quick guide, we are going to have a look at the 3 best computer speakers under 100 dollars that you can buy right now to enhance your sound quality in a flash.

Best Computer Speakers Under 100 Dollars

There’s a huge variety of computer speakers available on the market, but we do feel that the following three offer exceptional quality considering their price.

Bose Champion 2 Series Multimedia Speakers

If you are looking for superior quality speakers, then we recommend you consider this set by Bose.

The speakers are made of quality materials and offer a very stylish and compact overall look. These speakers are light and fairly portable.

The Bose Champion speakers are wired and can easily be connected to any laptop or computer. They are compatible with most computer operating systems and can even be connected with other devices that use aux input, so you can play music from a phone or tablet.

The speakers are fitted with a headphone jack at the front of the speaker and also have a front-fitted dial where you can turn it on, off, or adjust the volume.

These two speakers are ideal for people who need a stylish, powerful and compact set for a laptop or computer.


  • Weight – 3.97 lbs
  • Size – 5.9 x 3.1 x 7.5”
  • Color – Black
  • Tech – Wired
  • Input – Aux and PC
  • Compatible with – PC, laptop, iPad, iPhone, and other devices
  • Headphone jack – Front of speaker
  • Controller – Front of speaker dial
  • Number of speakers – 2


  • Offers high quality performance at any volume
  • Auxiliary input allows you to connect a number of devices, such as mobile phones and iPads
  • Compatible with headphones
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows XP, and other operating systems
  • The speakers have a stylish and compact design
  • Perfect for gaming, music, and other activities
  • These speakers are very easy to set up


  • Expensive compared to some other speakers
  • Audio cable is a bit short at less than 3 feet
  • Does not offer home theater quality sound


Logitech Multimedia Z200 Speakers

If you are looking for budget-friendly speakers for a laptop or PC, then this set by Logitech can be a great investment.

These speakers are wired and can easily be connected to your PC or laptop. They can also be used on other devices with a 3.5mm input, such as smartphones and tablets. The speakers are very compact but offer a powerful sound output of up to 10W.

These speakers also give you more control over the sound quality since the bass tone can be adjusted. You can also use a headphone with these speakers by simply plugging your headphones into a front headphone jack. The sound level can be adjusted by turning the dial on the front of the speaker, or you can turn it off or on using the same dial.


  • Weight – 2.20 lbs
  • Size – 4.8 x 3.5 x 9.4”
  • Color – Black
  • Tech – Wired
  • Inputs – 2 x 3.5mm
  • Bluetooth – No
  • Headphone jack – Front of speaker
  • Power – 5 to 10W
  • Number of speakers – 2
  • Controller – Front of speaker dial
  • Compatible with – PC, laptop, and other devices with 3.5mm jack


  • These speakers are super affordable
  • They offer a rich sound output of up to 10W
  • Suitable for computers, laptops, and other devices that use 3.5mm input
  • You can use it on a great variety of devices, including your smartphone or tablet
  • The speakers are very easy to use
  • The speakers are compatible with headphones
  • You can adjust the bass tone of the speakers
  • They do have a stylish design


  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • The bass isn’t fantastic
  • The speakers are not extremely loud


AmazonBasics Speaker with Subwoofer

If you need an affordable speaker set, but still love good quality sound, then this set by AmazonBasics is a good pick.

The AmazonBasics speaker set comes with two speakers and a large subwoofer. The two small speakers deliver up to 60W sound thanks to the huge subwoofer. The set is Bluetooth compatible, which makes it very easy to play music via a smartphone, tablet, or gaming system. You can also connect other devices via the 3.5mm aux input for even more flexibility, and the set can easily be used on a laptop or PC.

The speakers can be controlled using a control pod where you can adjust the volume or turn it off and on. You can also pop your headphones into this control pod.


  • Weight – 7.5 lbs
  • Size – 13 x 7.5 x 10”
  • Color – Black
  • Power – 30 to 60W
  • Bluetooth pairing – Yes
  • Controller – Control pod to turn off, on, or adjust volume
  • Headphone jack – On the controller port
  • Compatible with – PC, laptop, and all devices that use 3.5mm audio input cable or Bluetooth devices
  • Number of speakers – 2 x 30W Bluetooth speakers and subwoofer


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  • The set is quite affordable
  • The subwoofer offers powerful sound output of up to 60W
  • The sound quality is incredible at all sound levels
  • The speakers are Bluetooth compatible
  • You can connect any smart Bluetooth device, including smartphones and tablets
  • A convenient control pod makes it very easy to adjust the sound
  • The set offers powerful bass for clear sound
  • The set is compatible with headphones


  • If speakers are turned off, you have to hit the connect button again to reconnect with devices
  • You probably won’t get home theater sound quality from these speakers


Buying Guide

All of these speakers can be great investments for your home computer or laptop. If you are not quite sure which set to buy, then perhaps this quick guide can help you decide!

The Most Budget-friendly

The speaker set by Logitech is the most affordable on our list. These speakers deliver up to 10W sound and allow you to adjust the bass tone for clear sound.

The Loudest

The speaker set by AmazonBasics excels in terms of sound performance. This set comes with a large subwoofer that enables the speakers to deliver up to 60Watts output. With this set, you can enjoy movies and music throughout your home.

The Best Overall

We feel that the Bose Champion set is a good set to consider if you want a quality speaker set that has a compact size. This speaker set offers good sound considering the speaker sizes, and they are very easy to use.


We hope that this guide helps you find a good speaker set. And if you are looking for other great tech items, then we welcome you to hop over to some of our other product reviews where you can check out other top-selling gear.

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