Best DJ controller for scratching

Scratching is a form of unique quality in the sector of DJ controller. You need a good form of DJ controller for scratching. When the controller doesn’t come with a good material it won’t sound good enough. So, you need a good quality DJ Controller if you want to scratch. In this article, I am going to explain about some of the best DJ controller for scratching. You will also get the details of some best options for scratching.


Whether you are a professional DJ or you are new in this profession, you need to know about scratching. Good scratching qualities can make the party more enjoyable. So, without getting delayed, let’s know about some of the best DJ controller for scratching.


Pioneer DJ DJ Controller (DDJ-XP2)

This DJ controller can provide you the ultimate experience of scratching. The quality is undoubtedly the best. You can enter another dimension of experience by using this DJ controller. The functional quality that this DJ controller provides is outstanding. This doesn’t sacrifice the originality and solid build quality. You will be able to hit as hard as you can. The scratching performance of this DJ controller is amazing. The pads are of multicolored design. You can use these with your fingertips. The easy usage will impress you a lot.


The transport controls of this DJ controller are very easy to operate. You will be amazed with the function of this DJ controller. The scratching quality is undoubtedly unique and versatile. This is a controller which will give you extraordinary confidence while playing in a party. The flagship scratch mixture of this DJ Controller has an extraordinary mixing procedure. The look of this controller will impress you too. On the other hand it has a great performance pad to enrich your DJ performance. This pad is touch sensitive. It can provide you high-end sensitivity and response. Overall, it’s a good controller for scratching.


Product specifications 


  • Solid build quality 
  • Fast delivery
  • Great sound
  • Cool look


  • Quite hard to assemble





Roland, Black, Two-Channel, Four-Deck with Serato DJ Pro

You can make scratch and mixing of sound using this DJ controller. This can be used as a full-size professional DJ controller for you. The flexibility that it provides is outstanding. The compact design will impress anyone. It provides enough flexibility to DJ remix and produce any beats while performing live. The platters of this DJ controller are large and come with low latency. If you are a professional or beginner DJ player you will be satisfied by it’s dedicated pad and transport controls. The professional vocal effects on filters will impress you. Moreover, you will get super portability from this DJ Controller System. 


If your main target is scratching, you should keep this in a list. You can use this controller in any occasion that you want. You can use this in your rock club, parties and more. The integrity and layout of this model provides easy connectivity to anything. You can scratch and mix with confidence through this DJ Controller System. If you compare it to other controllers you will understand that it is the absolute best according to the price. The control process of this DJ controller is extraordinary and easy. Again, you can remix your music and produce outstanding music easily through this. Your performance will be full of confidence if you use this. So far it is one of the best DJ controller for scratching.


Product specifications 


  • Amazing controlling system 
  • Great entry level device 
  • Good packaging 
  • Worth the money 


  • Not beginner friendly 
  • Doesn’t come with serato pro




Pioneer DDJ-SB3 Serato DJ Built In Mixer Controller

This mixer controller is another good product for you. First of all, you will like it if you are a professional DJ controller. But it will be very suitable for you even if you are a beginner in this sector. This package includes everything you need to play as a professional DJ. It is approximately two feets in width. You can download the specific software to play this. This controller is amazing for any party or club. The features that this controller provides is unique. This controller is the best for scratching. If you are a beginner you will feel that it is very handy for you.


It will enhance your confidence in multiple ways. The quality of the material of this DJ Controller is amazing. It is absolutely worth the money. In comparison to other controllers it provides the easy scratching to you. You will be able to rock any party using this DJ Controller. Moreover, this brand is well known for their DJ systems. If you are a beginner and if you are looking for something incredible to serve you, you should look at this. To sum up, this controller is one of the best DJ controller for scratching.


Product specifications 


  • Handy for beginners
  • Amazing built quality 
  • Great material quality 
  • Easy to use


  • Quite hard to use
  • Moderate durability 





Gemini PMX-10 2 Channel Mixer All Metal Professionl DJ Controller with RGB Performance Pads

The first thing that will catch your eyes of this DJ Controller is the compact build quality. It is a digital mixer for your greatest comfort. You can input a microphone in it. It has recording facilities. If you are the person who needs flexibility from the DJ Controller you can look at this. The user experience of these DJ controllers is very clean. Beginners can use this DJ Controller easily too. The instinctively out of this controller provides well scratching and mixing. It has a rugged-all metal chassis which can give you the professional feeling of a DJ player.


All the features that this controller provides will satisfy you to the end. This company has been serving the customers for a long amount of time. Among their best products this is the one product that you will be most impressed with. This controller has curved control on the crossfader. You can easily replace this crossfader. There are many professional samples in this DJ controller. The unbalanced master output will help you too. It sends MIDI out making for an amazing mixing system. The build quality of the DJ Controller is good and solid. It appropriately does what you need to do. You will get all the necessary options from this DJ Controller even if you are a beginner. If you compare the specifications it will be a good product for you.


Product specifications 


  • Affordable price 
  • Solid built
  • Beginner friendly 
  • Amazing mixing quality


  • Doesn’t work properly sometimes 
  • Average quality sounds




Hercules DJControl Inpulse 500

When you search for an outstanding DJ Controller within a good price you must fall in trouble. But this controller can ease all the troubles for you. The first thing that will catch your eyes is the look of this DJ controller. But as for DJ Control, the most important thing is the feedback of sound, it can impress you in that matter too. This is a controller which comes with full features. The high definition resolution of the features will impress you a lot. The solid build quality with sturdy metal material is a good to go for daily usage. 


Even if you are a beginner you can make your sounds easily through this DJ Controller. It is a popular DJ Controller to serve people from professional to beginner. This DJ Controller can give you an intellectual experience of scratching. More than original translations of this controller will please you like never before. The filter area allows you to customise your set with the multiple effects. You can backup your sound for emergencies in an external source. This controller provides easy setup qualities. Users of all areas have been very pleased with the performance of this DJ controller.


Product specifications 


  • Great features
  • Fantastic feedback
  • Good for beginners 
  • Professional quality 


  • Moderate built quality
  • average for professionals 




Best DJ controller for Scratching

Before buying something you must be worried about how it is going to be. And you should be. You must spend your money on that source which is going to be useful for you. So now I am going to tell you about which matters you should be concerned about while buying a DJ controller for Scratching.


  • Materials- It is the first thing you should be concerned about while buying anything. If the materials are not good enough then the DJ controller can not be good for you. Make sure that your DJ controller is having those materials which are super good. 


  • Durability- After materials look at the durability of your DJ controller. Though materials put a great impact on durability but you should check people’s reviews and check and specially the warranty card for checking the durability.


  • Weight-
    The weight of your DJ controller should be light enough. If it is too heavy for you then you can’t hold it properly and work with it. So check the weight of the DJ controller.


  • Looks- The world is decorated enough where we use the DJ controller. So the DJ controller should come with good looks. So search for a good looking DJ controller while buying.


  • Portability- You have to look for this quality because for moving from one place to another, you do need a DJ controller which is easy to carry or portable.


  • EasyCleaning- Get a DJ controller which offers you this feature. Cleanliness is super important and you can’t avoid that. So find a DJ controller with the easy-cleaning feature.


  • EasyUsage- If your DJ controller comes with a difficult using process, then you are going to suffer a lot. So try to have a DJ controller with an easy using process.


  • Echoabsorbent- Your DJ controller should come with this quality. Otherwise it won’t sound good enough. So check this quality while buying a DJ controller.


  • Volume- Check the volume level of course. If it doesn’t satisfy your need, then this won’t help you. You have to check which volume level is good for you. 


  • Quality- Get a DJ controller with good quality and brand. Otherwise after a few days of use, you have to buy another DJ controller.


  • Adhesion- Make sure that your DJ controller is adhesive enough with every part of it. Otherwise it will fall while using. So check the adhesion of your DJ controller.


  • Parts- Check the perfection level of every part of your DJ controller. There may be problems in every part of it.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


When you go to buy something, you take a lot of questions with you and barely find the answers. I want to help you to get yourself out of this situation. Now I am going to answer all the frequently asked questions you face while buying a DJ controller.


Is a DJ controller worth the money?

A DJ controller adds a new level to any of your party. It makes the environment happy and colorful for us. And it helps our young generation to rise with a unique profession. So a DJ controller is worth the money.


Does a DJ controller put any coloration to the sound?

It depends on your choice. If you want to put any new beat to your sound then it will do that for you. But if you do not want any coloration to your sound, then you can have a sound exactly how it was made. 


Is a DJ controller useful for our new generation?

Yes. Our youths are finding ways to have a job. But hardly they can find a proper one. A DJ controller gives help to youths working in this sector. It is a proper way for those who have dreams related to music.


Is working with a DJ controller difficult?

There is nothing easy at first. You have to practice with the DJ controller to be a master at this job. After learning well, you will find it awesome.



Music is a great part of our life. Nowadays we can’t even think of an event, program, party or  occasion without music. And having music at parties and occasions is impossible now without some DJ mix with it. A DJ controller does that for you. It adds a great difference from the real mix, you will notice those positive changes. It enriches the quality of the sound and gives you a sound which will make your soul happy and cheerful. A DJ controller on the other hand has the capability to offer new jobs to our youths. It adds a new level in the music world. So having this item will help you a lot.


Above I have mentioned the importance of a DJ controller. I have also got you introduced to some of the best DJ controller for scratching. Now you can realize how important this thing is for us. And you can have a good DJ controller for you by those models and their features mentioned above. 


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