Best Jazz Mouthpieces for Alto Sax

When you’re a saxophone player, the one thing that you need on a daily basis is the mouthpiece. There are various kinds of mouthpieces which suit your needs. To make the choice easy for you I am writing this article about some of the best jazz mouthpieces for alto sax


From the quality and mechanism to the sound, everything matters while choosing a mouthpiece. Specially, when you have a special choice of genre to play through your saxophone, you have to keep that in mind too. Now it’s time to know about some of the best jazz mouthpieces for alto sax without getting late.


D’Addario Select Jazz Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece

The D’Addario Select Jazz Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece helps you to capture the tune and feel of famous and legendary artists from the old days. Current saxophonists are now very lucky because they get to discover the sound for themselves that sets the ideal standard of jazz. The D’Addario Select Jazz Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece helps you to combine both the traditional and the innovation together perfectly and flawlessly. These types of mouthpieces are milled but not molded, from solid rod rubber. They use the D’Addario’s special computer-controlled mouthpiece making modern technology.


It is vintage inspired and is also 100% precision-milled jazz mouthpiece. Also, this mouthpiece provides you with classic response and sound. You can get them with medium chambers and facing lengths. Three tips openings are also found in this jazz mouthpiece, which are 5,6, and 7. The jazz mouthpiece serves your satisfaction perfectly and is worth the price. This piece is balanced perfectly and serves the sound of great quality. A warmer tone is used in it rather than other mouthpieces. Beginners find this one ideal for them.


Product specifications 


  • Perfectly balanced.
  • Great vintage design
  • Easy to use.
  • Amazing tone and playability.


  • Easily breaks down.
  • Chamber is too large.




EastRock Jazz Alto Sax Professional Mouthpiece Gold Plated Metal Saxophone Mouthpiece

To ensure high quality of the product, Eastrock uses highly qualified materials. As it is made of musical instrument cooper of high quality, the change of the environment can not cause any harm to the product. Internal design is very symmetrical and the surface of the product is very smooth. You can travel with it anytime without any problems because the product’s portability is very high. This instrument is easy to control, serves your satisfaction and the U-shaped design of it makes the instrument sound brighter than the others. The tone is more concentrated than the other instruments and the performance is more sensitive.


Eastrock is an instrument that is used for modern pop music and for jazz music. Easy to produce and very strong penetrating power are other special definitions of this product. The surface of the product looks luxurious with it’s gold plated colour. This product is designed to be played very easily and serves you with excellent performance. The warranty of this product is of one year. An Eastrock is 4.4 ounces weighted jazz mouthpiece. It stays in tune really well. When you want the best jazz mouthpieces for alto sax, you should keep this in your list.

Product Specification


  • Stays in tune excellently.
  • Easy to play.
  • Good for beginners.
  • Great quantity, weight and sound.


  • Facing is difficult.
  • Doesn’t function well.




Selmer S-80 C* Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone

This one is an excellent instrument for adults and for children upto 3 years. This mouthpiece is neither thin nor open. The parts are very small. This instrument’s facing length is 22 . The square cross section is located in the center. This mouthpiece is great for a step up. If you are searching for an instrument which is suitable for any kind of music, then this one is the ideal one for you. 


Among professional mouthpieces, it is the most standard one. The sound of it is very pleasant and the response ability of it is praisable. It serves your satisfaction very well. Provides you with a flawless performance every time. But it might cause harm to little children. For a beginner, it seems to be very helpful. Plays easily and flawlessly.  Very easy to control. Ideal one for practicing.          


Product specifications 


  • For beginners.
  • Affordable price.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Easy to use.



  • Very tight to use.
  • Doesn’t fit in Nuava alto sometimes. 




Andoer Jazz Alto Sax Saxophone 7C Mouthpiece Metal

This mouthpiece is made of metal. This mouthpiece comes with a cap to keep itself neat and clean. Professional saxophonists love this mouthpiece very much. The weight of the product is 98g or 4.8 ounces. This comes with a full package of a cap, pads and the saxophone mouthpiece. The metal used in it is very high in quality. A metal buckle is used to fasten the reed. You will get served by two pieces of pads to meet your needs properly. This mouthpiece is excellent when it comes to the sound quality. 


Alto sax reeds fit in this mouthpiece perfectly. It might be small in size but fits very tightly on any kind of alto sax neck. Helps you a lot in hitting the high notes very nicely. The crafting used in it is very stylish and tasteful. Many beginners say that this mouthpiece is easier to play than the originals. Pressure is not needed much to blow in this mouthpiece. Compared to plastic, this one is much better. The sound comes out very clear and powerful. This mouthpiece is ideal for all.    


Product specifications 


  • Worth the price.
  • Easy for beginners.
  • Hits the high notes.
  • Doesn’t need much pressure to blow.


  • Fits any of the reeds.
  • Moderate durability.





EASTROCK Clarinet Bb Flat 17 Nickel Keys Clarinet

The Eastrock clarinet is a very gorgeous product with an elegant body and nickel keys. The design and the sound of this product is excellent in quality. It is designed for students to start their music career with the best, easiest and the most affordable product. This factor makes the Eastrock clarinet the best and ideal one to use and to learn the clarinet. For intonation, comfort and mechanical reliability, this instrument stands out in the front row. It is very easy to play, well centered and durable. 


It provides you with a wide and strong range of tone. This has a sturdy outer casing but it is soft on the inside and also very easy to carry. The design of this instrument is open-hole designed and also contains superior pitch and quality. It’s sound is well focused and the instrument is easy to control. The finest materials are used in it and are very suitable for playing. The surface is of matte finish, which contains air tightness and makes the product last long. It is designed to produce easy tone, strong and smooth sound and increase the response ability.    


Product specifications 


  • Very thick.
  • Standard crafting.
  • Worth  the price.
  • Ideal for beginners.


  • Average durability.
  • Breaks down easily.   




Buying-guide about the best jazz mouthpieces for alto sax


In the music world, you are provided with a lot of instruments. So buying each instrument requires enough struggle. Usually you get tense while buying something. But if you follow some points while buying your jazz mouthpieces for alto sax, then you don’t have to worry how the product is going to be later. So now I am going to explain those points to you.


  • Sound- At first you have to check the sound quality of your jazz mouthpiece. Because it is the main thing you want from your jazz mouthpiece. So this quality of your jazz mouthpiece properly.


  • Echo-absorption- This is significant enough. Your jazz mouthpiece should come with this quality. Otherwise the jazz mouthpiece without this quality is going to trouble you a lot.


  • Materials- Materials put a great impact on the whole service of your jazz mouthpiece. If the materials of your jazz mouthpiece are good then that jazz mouthpiece is going to give you the best service. Do check all the materials of your jazz mouthpiece.


  • Durability- If your jazz mouthpiece doesn’t come with this quality then you are going to suffer a lot. In that case, you have to invest your money on the jazz mouthpiece again and again. So make sure that your jazz mouthpiece is durable.


  • Weight- You have to check this quality. If your jazz mouthpiece comes with a very heavy weight then you are going to have troubles while holding it. You will also face problems while carrying it. So find a jazz mouthpiece which is light enough.


Easy-Cleaning system- Your jazz microphone should be cleaned easily. Otherwise while holding it, you are going to face a lot of troubles like allergy attacks and so on. So be sure about the cleanliness of your jazz mouthpiece.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


While buying something usually we all are curious with a lot of questions in our head. But hardly we find any answer to those questions. Now I want to give you relief from that tension. I am introducing you to those frequently asked questions and their answers about a jazz mouthpiece for alto sax.


Does the mouthpiece affect the saxophone?

The saxophone isn’t capable of doing that because it is a wind instrument. It can’t affect the sound.


Is the jazz mouthpiece for alto sax worth it?

The jazz mouthpiece is a product that helps you in many ways. It is very versatile to help you. And it will never let you down. So the jazz mouthpiece is worth it.


How long can you use your reed?

You can use your reed almost for six months. Once you get comfortable with your jazz mouthpiece then you will automatically be able to know when you have to change your reed.


Does the jazz mouthpiece cancel the outside noise?

Yes the jazz mouthpiece cancels the outside noise. And it doesn’t put any coloration to the sound. So the jazz mouthpiece for alto sax is useful.


Why does my reed sound airy?

The main reason for this is the reed is not smacking down onto the mouthpiece lip long enough. And also because it’s too hard, or your mouthpiece is too open. An easy way of getting rid of this problem is you have to  shim the back (bottom) of the reed with some card stock.




Music holds an important part in our life. It refreshes our mind. It gives us shelter when we feel alone. So this important part of our life needs to be presented well. Nowadays we find a lot of ways of expressing music but often we remain confused about the perfect item for us.


The jazz mouthpieces for alto sax is an item that helps us in many ways. Especially it does a lot of improvements to music lovers and beginners. It is also well situated for professionals. So you can’t deny the importance of the jazz mouthpiece for alto sax.


Above I wrote a summary to help you to understand the importance of a jazz mouthpiece for alto sax and find the best model with the best features. I hope these information will help you with choosing the best jazz mouthpieces for alto sax.


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