6 Best Material for Acoustic Panels

Not everyone may not know about this but recording studios, may it be inside their homes or their music labels’ studio, have acoustic panels. Professional recording studios have this on their walls and use this to generate more accurate acoustic sounds on their mixes. 

There are different types of acoustic panels. Not only are they used in recording studios but also in conference halls, hallways, restaurants, reception areas, and more that composes a large group of crowd. It is also used in various ways but the main objective is to reduce sound. To know more about the best material in choosing acoustic panels, scroll down below. We handpicked the best acoustic panels for every situation. 

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Here Are The Top Six Best Acoustic Panels: 


24 Pack Acoustic Foam Panels

Popular for its fireproof feature, these 24 Pack Acoustic Foam Panels are ideal for both home recording and professional recording studios. It is SSG Certified to ensure safety of its customers when unfortunate fire events happen, it is even accepted by the United States Fire Administration. Aside from its fire-preventing feature, it is soundproof due to the material content of A2S protection which flutters echoes and reverb sounds. 

As per the product recommendation, it is suitable in vocal booths, home entertainment theaters, recording studios, control rooms, dog kennels, power generator booths, movie theaters, living areas, and bedrooms. The diversity of this product makes it seem to be applied anywhere and everywhere as long as the user maintains vacuum cleaning. 

If you ever go with this, one tip on installing this is that you need to soak it on warm water for 10 to 15 minutes and dry it out for 4 to 8 hours. After that, it will expand to its original size. It covers an area of 24 square feet so if I were you, measure the area on where you will place this. 

As a dog parent, I sometimes get tired of my dog barking. Since this product is available on dog kennels, it can soften or reduce the intensity of the barks of my dog. Also, I love how sleek the design is and at the same time reduces noise up to 90%. For the love of peace and money, I think this will be worth it.

Product Specification: 


  • Fireproof
  • 80 to 90% noise reduction
  • Diverse placements
  • Unique A2S protection


  • Smaller quantity
  • Vacuum-sealed


50 Pack Acoustic Studio Foam Panels 

The only acoustic panels with eco-friendly materials and packaging — which I truly love! It is made from high quality polyurethane foam with no health risks to humanity and environment. Though with different materials used compared to the normal and standard ones, it does not compromise the level of noise absorption it brings. It diffuses and dampens low to mid frequency sound waves, minimizing interference. 

Contrary to the first product, you can use this on doors, walls, and ceilings. But the catch is…in easy steps! You heard it right. You can just attach this by using staples, nails, screws, and glues which are products you normally see at home. 

This is just any normal acoustic foam panel but in an eco-friendly one. Its features is what acoustic panels aim to do — isolate sounds. But if you buy this, you would contribute to the betterment of Mother Nature since it uses environment-friendly alternatives, and at the same time absorb sounds in whatever area you place them to be. 

Since I am a big fan of eco-friendly things and anything related to reducing carbon footprint emissions, I would go for this. Because it is a win-win situation both for me, the seller, and the Earth I live in. We both generate benefit for the product, the profit, and the effect of uniting to a better place.

Product Specification: 


  • Eco-friendly
  •  Overflowing quantity 
  •  Sold in different colors 
  •  Easy to install


  • Thin foams 
  •  Standard noise absorption


TroyStudio Acoustic Panels 

Just as I thought no business would make another acoustic panel like the previous one in an eco-friendly material, here we have TroyStudio Acoustic Panels! This time, it is made formaldehyde-free, it is non-toxic, odorless, and a flame retardant class. 

For 6 packs and 12 mm in length, it has the widest range of color choices available in black, gray, white, and camel. When it comes to isolating noise, it has an outstanding acoustic performance because of its dense and thick material. Its noise reduction coefficient is at 0.87 and absorption coefficient at 0.77 

Aside from its great color diversity and noise absorption, it is easy to install to! Just prepare your knife and adhesive or tape then you can get going. But mind you, these can be and are sold in separate ones. It is an addition for money, but hey, at least you get to set up your panel. 

If I am the one shopping, I will definitely get this. Not only this is about the noise absorption or color choices, but because they have great customer policy! It is called “No-Worry Policy” and if the tiles do not work in your case, you can easily call them and have the panels replaced or checked. There is also 100% refund within 30 days without the thousands of questions asked.

Product Specification:


  •  Great color choices 
  •  Thick panels 
  •  Outstanding performance


  •  Limited quantity 
  •  Plain design


Rhino Acoustic Absorption Panels 

This product is like the best deal package out in the market. With its high density, NCR 0.95, eco-friendly, safety, and ready to install features. I am so overwhelmed with the features it has! For 6 pieces, you can get them in three standard colors, white, black, and gray. 

So far, the words new to your ears are the NCR 0.95 and high density. Here’s how to understand it better. Because it is 230 grams per m3 and is considered as the densest product in the market. It d Limited quantity 

 Plain designampens the sound, deads, insulates, reverbs, and diffuses. While the NCR 0.95 is the Noise Reduction Coefficient which undergoes lab testings. 

It is also B1 Class Flame Retardant which makes it odorless and does not affect the air quality. You should also not worry about touching it since it is polyester-fiber made — the eco-friendly alternative material used. Just like the former ones, it can be installed using 3M Double Sided Tape sold separately. 

I thought Troystudio would be my forever favorite but turns out that this product just topped them! Because this can be installed in homes or studios too. I am just not into its design because it is plain and kind of looks like wool.

Product Specification:


  •  High density 
  •  Eco-friendly 
  •  Easy to install 
  •  NCR graded


  •  Limited quantity 
  •  Limited color choices


Little Lucky Acoustic Panels 

Aside from the Little Lucky Acoustic Panels being eco-friendly for its polyurethane foam, it has a classic design that offers sound deadening and echoes absorption. It provides a strong noise reduction. It is also easy to clean! Just like normal panels, you just need to vacuum and remove dust when needed. 

The Little Lucky Acoustic Panels are recommended to be placed in home studios, entertainment theaters, and home offices. I guess this is not suitable for professional studios. Also, you can only stick this to walls not like other panels which can be installed on doors and ceilings. That is the downfall of this product. 

Like the TroyStudio Acoustic Panels, they also have 100% satisfaction service. But it is not really relevant to the No-Worry Policy that you can get a refund or replacement. The difference is that they value questions from their customers. 

This product is just like how I adore the Rhino Acoustic Absorption Panels but with greater design. Though it only comes in a standard and plain black, the sleek and contemporary design made its way to my preference. One better thing about this also is it comes in 12 packs unlike the former ones with 6 pieces.

Product Specification:


  •  Eco-friendly
  •  Overflowing quantity 
  •  Easy to install 
  •  Sound deadening


  • No refund or replacement  
  •  Limited color choice


48 Pack Acoustic Wedge Foam Panels 

This 48 Pack Acoustic Wedge Foam Panels can absorb mid to high frequencies and diminishes echoes. Among all the products, this is the only one that targets the said frequencies. It is also NCR graded. And you know what the best part is? It comes in 48 packs. 

This can be applied in professional recording studios, home studios, vocal booths, and control rooms. So it is safe to say that it is diverse when it comes to placements. It is also offered in a range of colors. You can get them in black and purple, black and red, black and blue, black, and purple. 

Let’s cut the story short, this is  a great value for money. 48 packs? Come on, this is one in a million! So far, this is the only product that has the widest range of colors so I would not have to stick with standard and dull colors for my room or wherever I want to put it. Though it does not use eco-friendly materials which I advocate for.

Product Specification:


  • NCR graded
  •  Color options
  •  Overflowing quantity 
  •  Diverse placements


  •  Not eco-friendly 
  •   No customer service mentioned


What Should You Be Looking On Your Next Purchase? 

If you want great-sounding tracks and better music mixes or just want to be in peace and not wanting to hear the next person inside your room’s loud sounds, you should be careful in picking acoustic panels. Below are some of the things you may look into in finding the perfect panel for you. 


Acoustic panels are sold in 6 packs, 12 packs, or even 48 packs. You need to be smart and practical when choosing the number of panels you will buy because you do not want to be oversupplied. If necessary, measure the dimensions of the area where you will place the panels. This is to ensure the right fit. 


Though this may be subjective, acoustic panels come in sleek designs or plain ones. If you value design, you may want to check for panels with decorative pieces. But if this is not a big deal to you, then there are standard looking ones. 


Some acoustic panels may be diverse when it comes to area placements but some are just for home use. Check out if what you are looking for is suited for professional recording studios or home studios. 


To install these panels, you may need several tools that are sold separately such as screws, nails, double sided tapes. Make sure to buy one or stock. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

Will this get rid of the noise completely? I want to get rid of my neighbor’s loud fan. 

No. Acoustic foams are made to absorb sound and not block them. When applied, you may still hear the loud fan but not that loud anymore. 

Does it come with double sided foam tape?


Are these sack-able? If used on a wall in an office could pins be placed in them? 

Yes, though I don’t think they will hold up for a long time since cork boards are more applicable for the pins. 

Anyone able to trim these?

Rhino Acoustic Panels are absolutely trimmable to fit your needs. We suggest measuring and marking the back accordingly before making any cuts or alterations. Also, be sure to use a sharp enough edge to get a clean cut through the dense polyester fiber.

Final Thoughts

Choosing an acoustic panel boils down to how you are going to use it. If you intend to use it for your music career, then get those high quality ones. But if it is just for home use and to minimize noise, you can opt the standard and affordable ones to avoid breaking the bank. 

Personally, I am torn between the TroyStudio and Rhino Acoustic Panels. But I also want the 48 packed ones. Honestly, it is all just our preferences. 

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