Best open-back studio headphones

Headphones are our daily friends for listening to our favorite music casually. But these are very important in the professional sectors of music. Especially in studios, using good headphones is a must. That’s why knowing about some of the best open-back studio headphones is important. 


Open-back studio headphones let the air pass through the earcups. That’s why pressures on the earcups in open-back headphones are comparatively low. This feature helps to hear the clear sound without any disturbance. So now, it’s time to know about some of the best open-back Studio headphones and their details. Let’s get started.


beyerdynamic DT 990 PRO Over-Ear Studio Monitor Headphones – Open-Back Stereo Construction, Wired (80 Ohm, Grey)

This headphone is available in two colors. It is an open-back headphone. This has a wired connection to connect it to your device. It is an over-ear headphone. You will get an impressive sound quality from this headphone. It has an amazing look and body. International professional music makers use this headphone in their studio. It provides a wide range of clear sound. You will be very beneficial by it.


If you are a professional music maker, you will love its performance. It can give the super clarity of sound. You will be able to mix any songs with this headphone. This headphone serves impressively clear voice as well as a balanced and smooth sound. It is completed with good bass and treble hearing facilities. It ensures a secure fit over your ears. 


Product specifications 


  • Good durability of the product
  • Great material quality
  • Good for gaming 
  • Super comfortable to use constantly 


  • Hard wired cables
  • Non-replaceable ear pads 




Samson Technologies SR850 Semi Open-Back Studio Reference Headphones, Black

This is a semi-open back studio headphone. This headphone can successfully enhance any range of frequencies. It is great for music mixing or even playback. You will get a clear and smooth sound from it. This headphone is comfortable to use. It won’t cause you any tiredness after long time usage. The ear cushions are so soft to fit anyone. It has a good bass response as well as mesmerizing treble. In fact, you will experience outstanding performance from this headphone. 


The band can be adjustable by yourself. You can use it to record your songs or for listening to music. It is made of 50mm drivers. You will be able to hear the slightest mistakes and subtle properties of your music through it. This headphone provides a dynamic experience of music. This can be counted as one of the best open-back studio headphones. The highs are ultra-clear. You will get this studio headphone at a really low price. The solid bass and clear sound will meet your expectations fully. The best thing is, its look. You will fall for the style that it provides. 


Product specifications 


  • Good noise cancellation 
  • Outstanding look
  • Elegant material 
  • The praise-worthy volume control procedure 


  • Moderate sound standards 
  • Quite uncomfortable to use




AKG Pro Audio K702 Over-Ear, Open-Back, Flat-Wire, Reference Studio Headphones, Black

This over-ear headphone will give you an actual feel of good quality. It has flat wires to use comfortably. The look will catch your attention. It looks very smart and classy. It is built to fit well. You can master any audio with this. This is the best for mixing and listening to music. The earpads are replaceable. You can replace the cable too. The wire is 3 meters long. So, you will be able to use this comfortably.


This is made with variations membranes in the earpads. This membrane converts the signals just perfectly. You get accurate, powerful, clear and high-quality performance because of it. The flat wire delivers the superior quality of audio. Your daily longing for a good headphone will be gone if you buy this. This is known to produce the most efficient sound for studios.


Product specifications


  • Super quality 
  • Superior sound 
  • Great noise cancellation 
  • Good for beginners 


  • Average bass performance 
  • Poor EQ




Sennheiser HD 599 Open Back Headphone, Ivory

This headphone comes in good two colors. The color and look will blow your mind. It is a top-line product for your music studio. The design is very extraordinary. This headphone is open back and around the ear. The ear cushions are of good quality. And the cushions can fit your ears well. It has 3.5mm jack for mobile or pc connections. It comes in premium quality and unique design. 


You can listen to any music so clearly with this headphone. It can give you the feel of subtle things. The cables are detachable. It will give you extreme comfort while using it. You won’t get ear fatigue from using it. 


Product specifications 


  • Great comfort
  • Versatile sound 
  • Extraordinary durability 
  • Good for gamers


  • Poor product support
  • Heavy and sloppy bass.





Sennheiser HD 600 Open Back Professional Headphone

Here you get another premium quality headphone for your studio. If you lack a good quality headphone for your studio, keep it in your buying list. It comes as a full package of specifications. It looks, versatility, sound quality, bass, treble, everything will surprise you. The body of this headphone is really cool. It decreases any kind of distortion in your music. You will get optimum sensitivity and a great dynamic response as well.


If you want a specially designed, accurate sound quality headphone, go for it without any doubt. It can serve you in every way possible. High definition sound is the unique characteristic of this headphone. The given copper cable is detachable. The weight of this headphone is very easy to hold for a long time. 


Product specifications 


  • Elegant look
  • Versatile usage
  • Fantastic sound quality
  • Fancy bass


  • Low sound
  • Average durability




Buying guide for the best open-back studio headphones

We all get tense before buying a new product, and it is a very common thing. Before buying anything, we should know some information about that particular product. Now I’m going to give you some reminders about those things.


  • Drivers- Driver is the thing which generates sound. It’s made of magnet, voice coil, and a diaphragm. It’s known that the larger the driver, the better the sound. So always look for bigger Drivers.


  • Sensitivity- if you want to hear loud music, this is what you need to look for in your headphone’s specifications. How loud your headphones can get is determined by how sensitive your headphones are. Most of the headphones are at around 110dB/mW, anything lower than 85dB/mW should be avoided. So always go for a higher sensitivity open-back headphone.


  • Impedance- Headphones require power to work. It’s called impedance. Some headphones need a higher power to work at 100%, and most mobile devices don’t have them, but those requiring lower impedance can utilize full power to deliver great sound. Some headphones require higher power to work at 100%; for this kind of headphone, it needs a dedicated source of power. So research before buying your headphones.


  • The frequency range of the headphone- most of the headphones support 20 Hz – 20000 Hz frequency response. If you like more bass, then choose something that can support wider than the usual frequency response range. If you don’t check the frequency response properly, you will face future troubles. 


  • Noise-Cancelling- Some headphones have noise-canceling technology. Where certain sounds cancel out to offer peace and quiet to the listener, check if your headphones have active noise cancellation.


  • Design And Comfort- Before buying a headphone, try and check if the headphone is comfortable for your ears. Most human ears are not identical, and not every device will suit you.


  • Weight- If your headphone set is coming with an unusual heavyweight, then you are going to have issues while wearing/carrying it. Check if your headphones are light enough for you or not.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before buying something, your mind must get busy with many questions. These are the frequently asked questions. And now, I’m going to answer those frequently asked questions.


Where can I purchase an open-back headphone?

Open-back headphones can be found on all major retailers in your country. They can also be purchased online.


How much does an open-back headphone Cost?

The prices of open-back headphones may vary product to product. It might be cheap, or It might be overpriced. Look for various models before buying your desired headphone.


Does my open-back headphone come with Warranty?

Normally, open-back headphones include a 365-day warranty when purchased from an authorized retailer or distributor. But If you purchase from an unauthorized party, the Warranty may be void or expired. 


I am having technical issues with my headphone, and I don’t have a receipt to prove it was purchased within the 365-day manufacturer’s warranty period. What do I do?

Usually, a retailer can provide a copy of your receipt. But if you are still unable to provide a receipt for your merchandise, it would automatically be considered out of Warranty. So try to keep your receipt until your Warranty is over.


I don’t have my receipt, but I registered my open-back headphone online, does that constitute proof of purchase?

Usually, when you register your item online, the following information usually popup “please keep a copy of the receipt/proof of purchase as it is required to obtain service within the 365-day warranty”.


I am having technical issues with my headphone, but I received it as a gift? What do I do?


We recommend contacting the gift giver for a copy of the receipt if it was purchased within the 365-day manufacturer’s warranty period. If you are still not able to provide a receipt for your headphone it would automatically be considered as out of Warranty.


Can I use it to listen to music?

Yes, these are great for listening to music. You will get a clear sound experience. 


How do I take proper care of my open-back headphones?


Dropping the headphone while it is ON or off can permanently damage your headphone. Resist the urge to swing the headphone around by the cord. And don’t let any children play with your headphones because they may damage your headphones, and it will void your Warranty.



An open-back studio headphone is a really essential gadget for meeting your studio needs. Without a good studio headphone, you won’t get good quality music. If you want durability, music quality and subtle experience of your music, you need a studio headphone. There is no substitution for this. A studio headphone will serve you with everything that you need.


That completes the guide to the best open-back studio headphones to a close. Hopefully, this guide will help you make a better decision on the right open-back headphones for your budget and needs.

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