Best piano keyboard brands

The piano keyboard brand is very important when you want a good piano to buy. But among too many choices, finding a good piano brand is problematic and troublesome. So, in this article, I am going to let you know about some of the best piano keyboard brands


More than the look, you should search for the quality when you want to buy a Piano keyboard. Good looks can be misleading if it doesn’t provide good quality. We often fall for looks despite knowing the quality properly. In this article, you will get piano keyboards that are enriched with both looks and quality. So let’s get started!


RockJam RJ761 61 Key Electronic Interactive Teaching Piano Keyboard

You will get everything you need from a piano in this piano keyboard. This brand is very well known for their quality and versatile designs. We will get a piano stand and a headphone with this piano keyboard. It has extraordinary sustain pedals. It is improved in quality, and it will provide you 61 keys to play different tones. You can listen to it for hours with the headphone it provides. The headphone quality is very good, and it provides clear sound. 


If you want to listen to the piano alone, you can adjust the volume on this piano. Both keyboard stand and stool will give you extra comfort while playing. This stand is adjustable so you can adjust it to any height. It has multiple connection systems.

There are over 200 rhythms and tones to play within this electric Piano keyboard.  If you are a beginner, the good news for you is, it is very comfortable for beginners. It has many built-in lessons and songs to practice. This keyboard is highly adaptable to different features. You can record various music notes in it. It has record and playback facilities. The included headphone is padded and super comfortable. It can reduce noise too.


Product specifications 


  • Great for beginners 
  • Affordable in price
  • Outstanding sound quality 
  • Fantastic for learning 


  • Moderate built quality 
  • Keys fail to work sometimes.





Alesis Melody 61 MKII | 61 Key Portable Keyboard

You will get 61 keys to play on this keyboard. You will get access to 3 months of skoove premium. The keyboard stand is easy to adjust. You will get 300 built-in tones on this keyboard. You will get 40 play along with demos in this keyboard too. The speakers are perfect and provide great and clear sound. You will get a microphone with it for singing along. But this keyboard doesn’t include MiDi specialties. 


The keys are moderate, touch-sensitive and built with very good materials. The keys don’t require a hard press to sound good. Moreover, these provide very clear and enhanced sound. These keys come in a standard size, so the usage is easy. You can use this keyboard for playing both EDM and classic sounds. The stand provides good flexibility. Altogether, it’s a good deal to think of. 


Product specifications 


  • Easy setup process
  • Extraordinary durability 
  • Appreciable for beginners 
  • Outstanding volume control 


  • Creates noise
  • Unable to do low volume 




RockJam, Kit, 61 Key Bench, Keyboard Stand, Headphones, Note Stickers & Simply Piano (RJ561)

This is a great piano if you compare its design and quality. The first thing that will impress you is the design of this Piano keyboard. It is very good looking and stylish as well as elegant. The keys to this Piano keyboard is very well built and strong. You will get a compact feeling from this Piano keyboard. It provides good durability. The sound quality is specifically unique and clear. The keys are touch sensitive and sound very well. If you want to choose the best Piano keyboard brands, you have to keep this on your list.


This Piano keyboard contains a headphone for you, which is very good in quality. The headphone is an over-ear headphone, and it comes with good padding. Ultimately you will get a good experience of sound through this headphone and through the piano too. It has an LCD display to note your tones, and you can see which tone you’re playing. You will get demo songs and trial music with it. This Piano keyboard is good for beginners and helpful for practicing on a regular basis.


Product specifications 


  • Elegant design 
  • Fantastic material quality 
  • Superb sound
  • Volume control procedure 


  • Can show technical issues
  • Basic piano to play




The ONE Smart Piano Keyboard with Lighted Keys

In this modern era, everything is becoming smart. So if you want your Piano keyboard to be smart and full of features, you can buy this piano keyboard. You will get three color options from this Piano keyboard. This piano is very easy to use, and if you want a piano for learning, you should get this. Apart from the easy usage, it also provides a reasonable price. This keyboard has LED lights included. Learning with this Piano keyboard is very effortless. 


There are thousands of sheet music to play with this Piano keyboard. You can play music from any genre with this Piano keyboard. It gives you a versatile musical experience. In addition, you can record the music and share it anywhere you want. You can share the music on your Facebook too. It has a headphone jack so you can carry it wherever you want. It provides the users over 128 included sound to practice with. Your piano journey will be very impressive and progressive if you use this Piano keyboard.


Product specifications 


  • Smart features
  • Versatile usage
  • LED display
  • Can be carried anywhere 


  • Less durability 
  • Poor quality cables




Digital Music Piano Keyboard 61 Key – Portable Electronic Musical Instrument Multi-function Keyboard

A multifunctional Keyboard can help you in many ways. If you are searching for a multifunctional keyboard to play, you can look at this keyboard. This keyboard provides portable features because it is very lightweight. Your kid can use it, and it is suitable for adults too. This keyboard is a perfect choice for beginner players. If you want your kid to learn piano fast, you can keep this in your buying list. 


It includes microphones, headphones and everything you need from a Piano keyboard. So you don’t have to buy anything furthermore. Surprisingly, this company provides 18 months of Replacement guarantee if you face any trouble. It has record and playback mode for your comfort. The high-quality performance will impress you. It provides various tunes to play and different effects too. The wide area of the keyboard will bring you comfort while playing. So, you know what to choose if you decide on the specifications.


Product specifications 


  • Great look
  • Suitable for kids
  • Beginner-friendly 
  • Replacement guarantee 


  • Keys fail to work sometimes.
  • Average material quality 




Buying guide for the best piano keyboard brands 

There are few things to consider before buying anything that you want to use for a good amount of time. So, here I am to let you know about some of the most important things to look for before you buy the best piano keyboard brands.


  • Durability: this is the most important feature to consider before buying a Piano keyboard. If the Piano keyboard doesn’t come with good durability, you can’t use it for a long time. After buying a Piano keyboard if it doesn’t last for a long time, it won’t serve you. So check the durability while looking for the Piano keyboard. You can look for the quality of the material if you want good durability. A good product always comes with good materials, and good material is the main factor behind good durability.


  • Sound quality: the sound quality is another matter of fact to look for before buying your Piano keyboard. After buying your keyboard at a good price, if you don’t feel that it can serve you with good sound quality, your money will go in vain. So it’s better to try beforehand to understand the sound quality. You can play it as a trial play to know how it sounds.


  • Key quality:  keys are the main component of a Piano keyboard. So if keys don’t work well, your piano won’t sound good likewise.  Check if the quality is good, compact and stable. The keys should be sensitive enough to your touch to play and sound good. Check if the keys play a double sound in one press.


  • Recording feature: many of the Piano keyboards come with recording features nowadays. This feature helps you to record your performance and listen to it later. It is a great feature to notice your performance and progress.


  • Portability: consider the portability as one of the noticeable things to check. If you want to perform on stage or outside, you have to take the piano with you. If it doesn’t come lightweight, you can’t take it anywhere. So,  the portability is a good factor to look for.


  • Volume control: if you want to play alone or play in a group, the volume control will be different. Many piano keyboards have volume control facilities nowadays. Check if your piano keyboard has it or not; otherwise, you won’t be able to control the volume, and it will create a disturbance.


  • Modern technologies: a smart Piano keyboard contains many of the modern technologies in the present time. As we are becoming modern-day by day, we should always think of getting a modern instrument to play. Otherwise, we will lag behind the digital community. So, if you want modern features, you should check beforehand.


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Can I buy a piano keyboard for personal usage?

Yes, obviously, you can. These are great for both professional and personal usage.


Can I learn to play the piano through a keyboard?

Yes, it’s very effortless to learn piano through a piano keyboard. 


Can I buy a piano keyboard if I am a beginner?

These piano keyboards are beginner-friendly. Most of these keyboards have built-in lessons to play. So, if you are a beginner, you can play and learn from these.


Will I get volume control support?

Yes, these piano keyboards come with a volume control system. You will be able to control the volume as you want. 


Do I have to buy a piano stand to keep it?

No, almost every piano keyboard comes with a free stand and stool for your comfort. If you buy one that doesn’t provide a stand, then you have to buy one. But the piano keyboard brands that I have mentioned in this article contains a stand for you. 



Playing the piano is a hobby for many of us. The soothing sound it gives makes the heart fill with instant pleasure. If you want to play the piano or learn how to play the piano, these piano keyboard brands will serve you the best.


Today I have mentioned many among the best piano keyboard brands for you. I hope this article will help you to find your personal perfection. Get ready for learning and rocking your piano journey with the piano keyboards that I have mentioned.

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