Best Soundproof Curtains for Studio

Soundproofing, in this era, is a must. There is always constant noise. When you’re working in a studio, you just need a soundproofing system to make the best music. A soundproofing curtain can serve you in multiple ways regarding this issue. In this article, you will be enlightened about some of the best soundproof curtains for studio.


To choose the best soundproofing system for you, you need to know which curtain is best situated for you and offers you your favorite features. When you know the detailed specifications, the choice becomes so easy. So here, I am presenting some models of soundproofing curtains and their features to you.


NICETOWN Soundproof Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtain

From people’s reviews and by discussing the features, we can put this item in number one. This curtain offers you the best features. This curtain is capable of satisfying your needs. The material of this curtain is polyester. This curtain is designed in a very good way. When you’re struggling with noises in your studio, keep it in your buying list. Each curtain panel measures 42″ wide x 84″ long. This curtain is designed with gorgeous matte silver grommets. It fits the curtain rod of your choice up to 1.6 inches in diameter. 


This curtain is easy to install and easy to slide. You will get very high-quality materials from it. The smooth, soft and heavy-duty blackout fabric is woven with three-layer construction. The middle layer of black yarns works in a way that it can block 85-90% light and color your room with a pop light.

This curtain will prevent your studio’s furniture and floor from UV rays. Furthermore, it prevents you from heat and cold coming from outside. You can make your room dark anytime with the help of it. It is perfect for anyone who wants to block the daylight and take a nap. You can wash it easily, and you can use it with a high comfort level.


Product specifications 


  • Durability
  • Quality of material 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Wrinkle-free


  • Color doesn’t match 
  • Doesn’t blackout fully




Yakamok 100% Blackout Curtains

This is a curtain that includes features and qualities in such a way that we have to put this in number two. This curtain includes 100% polyester material. You can have two panels in each package. Each package contains panels that are 52″ wide × 84″ long. This is a silvery grommet that fits many rods. You will find hanging and sliding it very easy. This simple design gives people a sense of ease.

This is made with two layers of fabrics that can achieve 100% blackout. These are made with 100% high-quality polyester. You will love this curtain. These two layers are made of blackout fabric, which can balance the temperature and improve energy efficiency overall.


It can keep your room warmer as well as block the summer heat. By reducing heat and cold, it can save your energy budget. There is no chemical work. It is safe and green and very environmentally friendly. . It has another important feature that it can cancel the noise. This curtain is odorless. If you can’t take any kind of smell inside your studio, you can look at this. This is so far one of the best soundproof curtains for your studio.


Product specifications 


  • Blackouts light
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Warmth
  • Energy efficiency


  • Doesn’t darken room properly
  • Small in size





Moondream 3-in-1 Sound Insulation Curtain

It’s quality, and from people’s reviews, we can put it in number three. This curtain provides you with a three in one solution as it comes with the qualities of soundproofing, blackout and thermal insulation-patented Technology. Consequently, this curtain helps you to reduce heating and cooling costs. It blocks 100% of the light and UV rays. It is made with 100% polyester material. You can adjust it to the height of your windows with iron tape bottom, sewn with an overcast.


This curtain is very durable. And it’s width and length is going to satisfy your need to the end. Your room will get a standard color. This curtain can help you to make your room gorgeous. After you buy this, it will act as a soundproof curtain which cancels the outside noise. This curtain will make your room dark whenever you want. It will give you a perfect place for making songs, creating music in your studios. So, you can take this curtain to give your room an extreme level of comfort. The significance of these curtains in noise cancellation is impressive. 


Product specifications 


  • Noise cancellation
  • Durability
  • Budget-friendly
  • Light cancellation 


  • Thin material
  • Can still be noisy




RYB Soundproof Divider Curtains

This is a model that should be in number four. It is the curtain panel measuring 15 feet wide by 8 feet tall. Each panel includes 16 silver grommets. It is also made with 100% polyester material. The polyester that this curtain is made of is gorgeous and highly qualified. This curtain is ideal for privacy purposes. The main factor, which is noise cancellation, will serve the purpose really well. These are also perfect for large windows and for sliding doors. While you’re recording, this curtain will give you the best noise reduction quality.


This curtain shows enough versatility, as you can use it in the music studio, office, bedroom, nursery room, kids bedrooms, high ceilings, factories, hospital, inside your house and doors. You will be amazed because it doesn’t require much maintenance. This curtain can be washed in the washing machine. You can wash this curtain very easily. But you have to wash them separately under 86 F. You can not bleach this curtain. You have to obviously iron the curtains in low temperatures.

If you take care of it properly, this curtain can last for a long time. The superior quality and multiple colors of this curtain can impress you. The look of these curtains will enhance the beauty of your music studio. 


Product specifications 


  • Sturdiness 
  • Blackout light
  • Quality of material
  • Durability


  • Doesn’t completely blackout 
  • Bad customer service 




Full Shading Curtains

From the specifications and people’s reviews, we can keep it as our final product. This is a curtain that includes 100% polyester. This curtain is imported. It offers you two panels per package. Each curtain measures 52″ wide × 95″ long. You will get this curtain in sixteen colors. It comes in a ready-made packaging. You will get 100% effective blackouts from this curtain. If you want something incredible for your studio, you should get this. Your studio will get a unique and stylish design if you use this. The fabric that it comes with provides the noise cancellation properly. 


When you are looking for a durable curtain to cancel sounds for your studio, you can keep it on your list. You can wash it with mild bleaching. Even though this curtain is wrinkle-free, if it gets any wrinkle, you have to iron it with low temperature. This curtain is fully chemical-free. The fear of economic hazards is gone if you use this. So, if your purpose is to find the best soundproof curtains for your studio, you can buy this.


Product specifications 


  • Durable
  • Affordable price
  • Easy setup
  • Studio friendly


  • Less light cancellation 
  • Average material





Buying guide for the best soundproof curtains for studio


To make your soundproof curtains more effective, you should know some points that can make your curtains more soundproof. Let’s know some of the things that you need to ensure before buying a soundproofing curtain. 


  • Layers: multiple layers of a lot of fabrics can make a curtain sound more preventable. The more they are layered, the better they will be soundproof. But you should make sure that multiple layers must not make the curtain heavy.


  • Thickness: thickness is another big factor that soundproof curtains contain. The thickest curtain is the most sound-preventing one. Experts say that the curtains that are lightweight are undoubtedly ineffective in soundproofing. So, you should not buy a lightweight curtain. Rather you should buy one with a heavyweight yet thick curtain.


  • Color and design: look at the color and design while buying curtains. You should keep in mind that the product has to please both our needs and our mind. After completing our needs, we seek for prettiness in our surroundings. So, you should choose one that serves your taste and needs right. 


Using curtains that contain these points will make your room more soundproof, just like the way you want it to be. It would contain your choice and taste and be more modern looking. 


Frequently asked questions (FAQs)


Should I use curtains to soundproof my room?


Curtains can be a good choice in soundproofing your room, but not the best one. It can never beat sound, preventing windows. But windows sometimes are not a good choice if you want your studio to be much lighted. Sunlight and wind get blocked too when you try to block the noises using a soundproof window. In this case, curtains might be the good ones for you.


Can noise be blocked by thick curtains properly?


Soundproof curtains are the easiest way that you can use for your home or studio instead of construction or any other complicated method. Among the curtains, experts say that the thickest ones are the best ones at sound preventing. So, undoubtedly, noise can be blocked properly by thick curtains. The thicker your curtain is, the quieter your studio would be.


Can curtains really block sounds?


Actually, curtains can’t block sounds, and they can only absorb it. They use multiple layers of different kinds of fabrics, which helps them to absorb the sound. Soundproof curtains use the muffling type of method. They don’t reflect the sound wave. So, they actually can’t block the sound, and they just absorb the sound waves coming from outside. 


Are the soundproof curtains costlier than the other materials?


No, they are not. The use of multiple fabrics in soundproof curtains might make you think that they are costlier than the others, but it is not true. Soundproof curtains are the cheapest and the easiest way to make your studio soundproof and to avoid outside noise properly.




We all want our workplace to be quiet, calm and serene. This type of environment makes us more focused and concentrated on our work. For professional singers and song makers, their studio is the first priority. Practise makes a man perfect. So, as a place of practicing, studios should be a peaceful and comfortable place.

In this article, I am providing you with information for the best soundproof curtains for studio, which will help you to make your studio more quiet, calm and serene to work. Thus, this article will make you perfect in your workplace.

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