Best Studio Headphones under 100

Working in your studio without a good headphone is very problematic. You need a good headphone for working in your studio. You will know about some of the top best studio headphones under 100 in this article.

Studio headphones are specially made for use in studios. But do you think that it can be used in studios only? Then you are wrong. It can be used in several ways. Those ways can be beyond your imagination.

Studio Headphones are made in a way that you can hear exactly what was recorded. It doesn’t put any coloration with the accurate sound. Nowadays, headphones are an essential thing in those premises where listening is the main work.

Mainly we use headphones to concentrate in a quiet and private sound in the ear of the listener. Studio Headphone does this work in a brilliant way. Music makers put a coloration in music. But studio headphones ensure accurate music. If we can’t hear what we made, there wouldn’t be any versatility. So, using studio headphones for making music is a must nowadays. 

Headphones are the most used item in the studio, and it is essential for assessing the stereo image, it gives you a fine image of the accurate sound. Just like studio monitor headphones, getting the right pair of studio headphones is a personal choice which you should make when you are going to start a studio or any work which is mostly related to listening.

If you want to surround your studio with things of need, then studio headphones should be your first choice.


Types of studio headphones 


Mainly there are three types of studio headphone. Those designs are:


  • Closed-back on-ear,
  • Open back on-ear, 
  • And In-ear.


Closed-back headphones can be the best choice for recording. Because they fully cover your ears, and most importantly, the padding around the ear helps the headphone to avoid slipping. This doesn’t bother you with unwanted traces and ends up with the accurate and perfect sound of your recording. 


Slipping is the most intolerable problem when your performer likes to monitor loud, so when the recording performer is working with microphones, closed-back is a must. 


Open-back cans are way more comfortable. If you are doing a project for a long period, then you should take this. But it has a problem of slipping with it, which can be risky for your studio work or recording. These headphones tend to be more suitable for programming and mixing projects, rather than using in the recording. And these also can’t shut outside noise as effectively as closed-back headphones. On the other hand, in-ear headphones are best situated for studio work because of their high qualification.


Enough of small talk, let’s get introduced to some of the best studio headphones under 100:


Tascam TH-02 Closed Back Studio Headphones

This headphone comes in one color and very standard packaging. It’s a wired headphone which has a 3.5mm jack to connect. It will serve you clean sound and high bass response. Again, you can hear high notes correctly with this. This headphone is foldable. 


Both earpads and headbands are padded for your comfort. The length of the wire is 3m. Along with durability, this headphone provides well design and style. You will be able to enjoy a clear and balanced sound like never before. Because of the cushioned pads, you can use it for hours without any fatigue. If you want to truly enjoy your music truly, you must buy this headphone. 


In addition, if you’re looking for the best studio headphones under 100, you will be surprised by its performance. It’s well durability, style, and the performance never fails to amaze me. This item weighs 1.01 pounds only, and you can understand how light it is. It is an over-ear headphone which has wide room for any sized head. You can use it in reference monitors for tracking bands. You will get both style and affordable headphones altogether in this.


Product specifications 


  • Extraordinary bass quality 
  • Great quality of material
  • The superb noise reduction system 
  • Provides outstanding durability 


  • Too tight cables
  • Sometimes it can hurt your ears.




50MM Drivers Studio Headphones MAONO 

It’s an over-ear headphone. This headphone also has a wired headphone. It comes in black color. The headphone jack is 3.5mm. You can experience deep bass, the smooth treble of music. The cable is 118 inches long. This headphone provides outstanding sound quality and great noise cancellation. You will get 3.5mm and 6.35 adapters with this headphone. 


This headphone is very pleasant to use and foldable too. The earmuffs are rotatable for 180 degrees. The headband is adjustable too. The cord is expandable up to 118 inches. The most beneficial quality of this headphone is you can share it with your friend. This is favourite to music makers for professional use. You will be able to hear the sound of your music clearly. It lets you hear the sound so accurately that you can identify every problem in your music. The structure of this headphone is very special and qualitiful. It can prevent damage caused by falling or squeezing. 


Product specifications 


  • Good sound for gaming
  • Well built
  • Affordable price
  • Awesome material quality 


  • Not well durable
  • Delays recording voice




OneOdio A71 Wired Over-Ear Headphones, Studio Headphones with SharePort

You will get this headphone in two colors. This wired headphone is best for music mixing, recording. Overall, you can use it comfortably in your music studio without any hassle. It is known as DJ headphones because of its good feedback and clarity. You will experience enhanced bass with its 40Mm large drivers. This headphone can give you the quality of clear high end of music. 


Its shareable technology allows you to share it with others. In this way, you can play music and hear it with your buddy. You can run and hear music from two different sources with this headphone. The earpads of this headphone can be moved for 90 degrees.


Product specifications 


  • User comfort 
  • Provides versatile sound quality 
  • Cost-effective 
  • Comes with noise cancellation system 


  • The plugin cables are not very qualitiful 
  • Moderate quality material



Shure SRH440 Professional Studio Headphones (Black)

This studio wired headphone can meet your needs to the end. You will experience the lively feeling of sound with this headphone. It provides an enhanced frequency response and enhanced sound quality. The headband is adjustable. The design of this headphone will satisfy you. 

It can give you great noise cancellation in noisy areas. You will have a very peaceful experience with this. The earpads are replaceable. If your earpads break, you can use a new pair. The cable is removable, and its length is 3 meters. It provides very well durability. 


Product specifications 


  • Great noise reduction 
  • Comes with durable material
  • Well built quality 
  • Serves amazing sound.


  • Easily breakable 
  • Heavyweight 



OneOdio A70 Studio Headphones with Share port

You will get this headphone in three colors. It can be used both in wired and wireless ways. It has Bluetooth compatibility, so you will be able to use it through your Bluetooth. If you like weird ways, you can also use it through cables. This headphone also includes sharing technology. You can share the music with your buddies. 


This headphone is built with a 350 maH battery which can serve you 25 hours playtime and 20 hours of talking time. This is built in a way for your premium comfort. The earcups of this headphone can be rotated for up to 90 degrees. It is also built with four buttons to control the music. If you are looking for the best studio headphones under 100, you can keep it on your list.


Product specifications


  • Extraordinary battery life 
  • Durable material 
  • Well built volume control 
  • Wireless using system 


  • Provides low frequency 
  • Quite expensive 





Buying guide: Best Studio Headphones Under 100


Material: this should be your first concern while buying a studio headphone. Good material is able to provide good durability to you.


Sound quality: this is another thing to look for while buying your studio headphones. If your headphones don’t provide good quality sound, it won’t be able to serve your purpose. So, you must check the sound quality before buying your headphones. 


Durability: the durability of headphones should be one of your biggest concerns. A well durable headphone can serve you for a longer time. But if it’s not durable enough, it can’t serve you well. Moreover, if the headphone is not durable, it will waste your money.


Rotation: check if the ear cups are rotatable or not. Rotatable ear cups provide great comfort.


Wireless or wired: you can look for this quality if you have any personal preference. Wireless headphones are often hassle-free to use. But it totally depends on you.




As I have described all the important things about Studio Headphones, for your further satisfaction I would like to give you answers to some frequently asked questions. 

Which headphone should I use as a beginner?

If you are a beginner, then the best studio headphones under 100 will be suitable for you. You can take any type of headphone mentioned above as your need.


What makes studio headphones different from normal headphones?


Studio Headphones usually put the accurate sound on your ear. On the other hand, regular headphones add a sweetness to the sound as to boost the sound, which makes the sound different from the actual one.


Are Studio Headphones suitable for recording?


Yes. Studio Headphones are the best option for recording. When you record something professionally or regularly, you must want the accurate sound, don’t you?

That’s what studio headphones do. They put the accurate sound in your ear. 


Can I use it apart from studios?

Yes, you can. You can listen to music with these headphones. Besides music, you can use these for watching movies, enriching your listening skill, listening to audiobooks and much more.


Can I use these headphones for regular use?

These are named as studio headphones, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t use these for other purposes.

These headphones can be used for any work related to listening. 


Why do singers use studio headphones?

What we find in their ears is an in-ear studio headphone. It makes them hear exactly what they want. For example, if you are a singer and you are doing a concert in a public place, then you must wear studio headphones because there will be a lot of outside noise in that place. Especially the guitar-man, drummer and other instrument holders will be the reason for your trouble. It will be very hard for you to hear yourself, which can make you sing at a louder level and even shout.


Should we use studio headphones for making mixes?

Yes. Studio Headphones are essential while making a mix. This will make you hear properly what you made. It makes both left and right side clear.



I have elaborately mentioned all the features of studio headphones in this article. This article will make the choice of the best studio Headphones under 100 easier for you.


Though it is made for use in a studio, it can be used for several purposes. Though Studio headphones are made for professional work and have sound features which are best situated for recording or mixing. But they are versatile enough to give great entertainment to us in listening premises. 


This information will help you to understand the importance of studio headphones and will also help you to get the perfect product for you. So further getting late, go get the perfect studio headphone for you.


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