Best Studio Monitor Headphones Under 100

Producers and professional listeners mostly use studio monitor headphones. Therefore, you need a well-balanced headphone for analyzing the music. Using average headphones on professional listening premises isn’t the right decision. This article can ease your trouble of choosing the best studio monitor headphones under 100 from numerous choices.


If you are a professional music maker, your ultimate work result will be zero without a proper studio headphone. Headphones generally have a way to color the sound they reproduce. This work can be done well by the best Studio Monitor Headphones under 100. But with general headphones, you may have to face various kinds of problems. Moving on to our daily life- most of us love listening to music, don’t we? But how many of us would like to listen to music in a faded way? 


Music makes our life colorful in various unseen ways. So the way we listen to music must be well decorated too. Not having headphones or having a typical headphone can trouble your passion for music. 

Mixing on studio monitors headphones is always preferable. Regular headphones usually can’t give a perfect sound, but a studio headphone can save you from these troubles. 


How do headphones help you in the studio?

When you are working with music professionally, the first thing that you need is a headphone. A reliable pair of studio headphones can allow you to notice every sound. 


A recording is harder than you can imagine. There are many issues that you need to keep in mind. Without a good headphone, you will face way more trouble. There are multiple factors to notice while recording. For instance, reverb, echoes, pitch, instruments, outer noise needs to be accounted for. You won’t be able to hear precisely what you have recorded without a proper studio headphone. Studio headphones are built with flat frequency response; this ability lets you hear the original sound. 


No other headphone except a studio headphone can give you a flat frequency response. Studio headphones have isolation systems which are different from regular noise cancellation. The isolation system allows you to hear exactly what you are recording.


Building up a studio is very expensive. Besides, if you buy an expensive headphone without much knowledge, you may fall into a budget problem. But a studio headphone is very cost-efficient. Normally for getting a good pair of headphones, you have to pay heavily. But if you buy a studio monitor headphone, you may be able to do your work in an inexpensive way.


Let’s get introduced to some of the best studio monitor headphones under 100.


Audio-Technica ATH-M20x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

 This gem is introduced by the Audio-Technica brand. This headphone will help you to experience excellent studio monitoring. Again, it works like magic for mixing sounds. You will get excellent sound isolation, which is very important for the studio. The price of this headphone is very affordable. You will get an adapter too.

ATH-M20x will give you a pleasant experience. This is an admirable piece for enhanced sound. You will also feel very comfortable using this headphone. It fits the ears entirely. 

Not only the sound quality but also its build quality will amaze you. Professional sound makers just love this headphone. The cable length is 2.99m, suitable for moving while working. You will be able to understand low-frequency performance too. 

Product specification:


  • Extraordinary battery life
  • Enhanced sound quality 
  • Very comfortable 
  • Effective isolation system
  • Includes volume control 
  • Long cable 


  • Can break if you use roughly 




OneOdio Adapter-Free Closed Back Over-Ear DJ Stereo Monitor Headphones

This matte black piece of love will blow your mind. This headphone includes two Jack’s for using two different sources. You can run & use this through two individual sources. It can be used on your smartphone too. You will get a mic and a remote control button.

The earcups of this headphone can be folded. Like wireless Earbuds, you will be able to use one earcup with this. Furthermore, it allows you a 180° folding system. 

The design of this headphone will surprise you. This is specially designed for use in your studio or DJ parties. You will feel the real taste of HD sound. Additionally, this headphone serves a unique technology. It allows you to connect multiple headphones to a single device without using any splitter. This is compatible to use for recording studios, radio, film production, or anywhere you want HD sound quality. 


Product specification:


  • Provides great bass
  • Amazing durability 
  • Best for gamers
  • Fantastic material quality 
  • Unique sound quality


  • Produces crackling noise sometimes 
  • Doesn’t work in few devices 




KRK KNS 6400 On-Ear Closed-Back Circumaural Studio Monitor Headphones

Here is another masterpiece for your studio. It comes with a 2.4M cable. This will allow you to take your studio experience at another level. You will experience consistent sound without any disruption. You can use this headphone for longer sessions, and it won’t cause fatigue. 


In the case of the built quality, it won’t fail to impress you. KRK has introduced this headphone after gathering a handful of experiences. You will get your preferred clarity and crystal clear sound with this headphone. You will get lost with the music using this headphone. 


Product specification:


  • Worth the price
  • Fancy sound experience 
  • Spacious and excellent frequency 
  • High-end headphone 
  • Allows you to hear an accurate response
  • Good fit ear pads. 


  • Sometimes it may come with few defects.
  • Earpad may break



Status Audio CB-1 Closed Back Studio Monitor Headphones

If you want to master your studio, this will be one of the Best Studio Monitor Headphones under 100. The look of this headphone is very artistic. You will get this at a very affordable price. This headphone for mixing sounds, live tracking of recordings, and music production. 


You can make use of this headphone from your mobile too. This will give you the feeling of a professional audio maker. The earcups are bendable and soft. Earcups are built-in circumaural designs to adjust to your ears. You will feel very comfortable while using this. It comes with a bendable headband. 


Product specification:


  • Satisfactory quality 
  • Best in comparison to the price
  • Provides high-end sound quality 
  • Surprising noise cancellation 


  • Create troubles with mid-range sounds
  • Moderate built quality 




Neewer Studio Monitor Headphones – Dynamic Rotatable Headsets

With this dynamic headset, you will be able to enjoy your recording experience on another level. If you are looking for a headphone to get the detailed sound, this can help you. It comes with an easy way to adjust with the system. You can rotate it for up to 180 degrees. 

You can carry it anywhere. It allows the frequency response from 15Hz to 28kHz. You can enjoy sounds in a dynamic range. The Earbuds are made of leather cushions. You will have a splendid performance of the sound and material of this headphone. 

In addition to all these things, this company gives you a one year warranty. You will also get great flexibility with this headphone. 

Product specification:


  • Good cord length 
  • Comfortable to use
  • Great for monitoring sounds
  • Freely movable


  • Sometimes it doesn’t fit properly. 



Buying guide for the best studio monitors headphones 


While buying headphones for your studio, you should keep a few things in your mind. Remembering this will help you to choose the best headphone for you. Here are a few tips to check for you:


  1. Cord length: cord length matters a lot while working. Small cords can interrupt your work and disturb you. So check the cord length before buying your headphone.
  2. Earpad quality: for headphones, earpad quality is an essential thing to check. Bad quality ear pads can mess up your headphones’ durability. 
  3. Noise reduction quality: check how much noise can be canceled by your headphone. This quality is very necessary for creating good music.
  4. Cost-effective: high priced headphones doesn’t mean that it will always serve good. Compare prices and specifications before buying.
  5. Device compatibility: check if the headphone is compatible with your device or not.
  6. Wire quality: bad quality wire will harm your headphones’ durability. 


Now I am going to introduce you to the most asked questions in this phase.




Are Studio monitor headphones better than normal headphones?

Usually, using regular headphones for professional purposes is a significant trouble. Using Studio monitor headphones can reduce that workload. You will experience good studio experience with a studio monitor headphone. 


Why should I get a Studio monitor headphone?

To get a better experience in listening, you must get a Studio monitor headphone. These headphones can much serve your professional purposes. 


Why do producers use Studio Monitor Headphones?


If the sound quality isn’t perfect, it will cause trouble in a perfect presentation. Producers use Studio Monitor Headphones for professional sound quality.


Can I get durability from these headphones?

Yes, if you can choose the right headphone, it can serve you for even up to five years.


Are headphones necessary for the studio?

Yes, headphones are mandatory for your music studio.


Can headphones help in music mixing?

Yes, headphones are useful for mixing your tracks. They give you a clear understanding of the music.


Which one is good for the studio: open or closed headphones?

Closed headphones are suitable for studios. Closed headphones provide more noise cancellation. 


Will studio headphones be the right choice?

If you want headphones for professional use, studio monitor headphones will be the best choice.




I have mentioned everything about the best Studio Monitor Headphones under 100 in this article. A Studio Monitor Headphone can efficiently solve your professional problems 


It is said that “Listening is a fine art.” – so we should get ourselves appropriately engaged. To engage ourselves rightly, we have to get a perfect headphone. And there is no hesitation to tell that the Studio Monitor Headphone is the best option for us.


Though it is mostly used for music studios, you can use it for our home and regular work to get good results on both premises. You can use it for online classes, live presentations.


Moving to hobbies, music is not only people’s hobby, reading books but also a favorite hobby of most people. In modern civilization, reading books have been converted to audiobooks. So booklovers can have a Studio Monitor Headphone for listening to their favorite book without any disturbance.


As with this product, you can get to listen to an extreme level of perfection so that you can have different details clearly through it. Any kind of mismatch can be found easily through these headphones. To sum up, this is a perfect product for listening and making your hard life much easier.


Moving to price, above I have mentioned some Best Studio Monitor Headphones under 100. This may be a perfect price for you. I hope all this information will help you to get the perfect product for yourself. Read this thoroughly and buy your preferred headphone today!

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