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In the life of professionals as well as common people, or those who make videos to upload on social media platforms , mic stands are one of the basic things that they need. Some people buy tripod mic stands for regular use like if they are an online broadcaster, they need it for regular use, some use this for stage performances to play guitars or sing a song etc. 


But when you are buying a tripod mic stand, why not buy the best one that will not deceive you. So you need to gather all the information related to mic stands if you don’t want to be deceived by the companies. You have to consider many things when buying a tripod mic stand such as texture, materials, cost, flexibility, advantages, disadvantages etc. So I’m going to make it easy for you to choose the best tripod mic stand.


Reviews of 5 best tripod mic stand

It will take you a lot of time to go through reviews of a product online. Also to get the best, you need to know what exactly a tripod mic stand is and what are the uses of it. How to use it and when to use it, you need to know all the facts. So to make it easier for you, here I am describing the top 5 best tripod mic stand and all you need to do is to choose between these. Because I have already chosen the best 5 among all. So let’s read about these?



AmazonBasics Tripod Boom Microphone Stand

If you are on a stage and playing a song on a guitar in front of thousands of people and suddenly your mic slips off of its position, how would you feel? Wouldn’t it be somewhat embarrassing even though it is not your fault? To avoid this kind of situations obviously you need the best among all mic stands and so I am especially recommending AmazonBasics Tripod Boom Microphone Stand at the very first of this article because it has all the fascinating and ideal features that a perfect microphone stand should have such as it is very sturdy and made of steel, is very durable and lightweight etc. It is perfect for recording studios, large performance halls etc. It is the most top rated at the same time, cheap and affordable one. You can place it horizontally, thanks to its long boom arm. It has a very good height and is extremely reliable when it comes to positioning and placing. 


This tripod microphone stand foot is made of rubber which reduces floor vibration, gives the perfect stability and also it is very long lasting and ergonomic. It comes with a one year warranty which will not let you down if you take the proper care of it. And obviously you need to know the use of it. It comes with a very classic and versatile design which will attract you just by having a look on it.      


Product Specifications:



  • Reliable in the term of positioning
  • Cheap and affordable at the same time top rated
  • Suits both ⅝ and ⅜ inches adapter clips
  • Can place it horizontally
  • Rubber feet   



  • Can’t be used as a regular microphone stand
  • Can’t always use very weighted mic, don’t forget to check upon delivery   




On-Stage MS7700B Tripod Microphone Stand

Tired of heavy weighted microphone holders? Need one which can be taken with you anywhere you go? Love to make an excited surrounding wherever you go but can’t just because  you couldn’t carry a microphone with you to perform whole heartedly? I’ll suggest you to go with On-Stage MS7700B Tripod Microphone Stand. Let’s talk about why basically I’m recommending it to you. 


The best part of the On- Stage MS7700B Tripod Microphone Stand is it can be carried anywhere you want as it is pocket friendly. The folding legs of this microphone stand have plastic ends caps and it also has a clip on the microphone holder. So it can be held very smoothly. Another best feature of this one is the construction of this. It has very solid construction and is unbreakable. Flexible as any pro user wants it to be. It minimizes the floor vibration. The stand is very stable even in irregular surfaces.


Product Specifications:



  • Unbreakable
  • Stable is any surface
  • Comes with a solid construction
  • Pocket friendly
  • Flexible  



  • Its legs keep coming off sometimes
  •  Gets scuff marks





Hola! Music HPS-101TB Professional Tripod Microphone Mic-Stand with Telescopic Boom

Hola! The HPS-101TB Professional Tripod Microphone Mic-Stand with Telescopic boom is another form of an ideal tripod microphone stand that will give you the most features that one ideal stand can barely have. It doesn’t matter if you are in a professional performance or in rehearsal, it can be proved as a professional microphone stand everywhere. 


This particular microphone stand is made of strong materials which confirm its sturdy and durability feature. Not to mention, it is very light weighted so you can easily carry it with your hands. Some mic-stands have an issue of being loose. They slip off of their placement so sometimes performers suffer from interruptions as well as embarrassment without having any fault. But it is totally out of those types of mic stands as it is a well tightened microphone stand. One can easily adjust it as much as he wants. It has three clutches that helps one to adjust it however he wants. The length of this tripod is 40-63 inches and boom adjustment is 4 to 27 inches. The special feature it carries is, it has an extra large ergonomic height clutch. This hola! The HPS-101TB Professional Tripod Microphone Stand with Telescopic Boom has standard US ⅝-27 threads. And patented leg housing which helps it to lock its legs wherever it is placed and helps to avoid unusual movements.                                 

Product Specifications:



  • Sturdy, durable
  • Tight
  • Lightweight
  • Works like a professional stand
  • Has extra-large ergonomic height  clutch    


  • Can’t held heavy mics in rare cases
  • Does not come with a holding clip  





Ohuhu Best Tripod Mic Stand

Ohuhu Tripod Mic Stand Boom with Mic Clips comes with dual mic clips which is the most fascinating feature of this microphone stand. No other microphone stand will give you such interesting and long lasting features with this cheap price. No! Can’t even think of that!!! It is just like a lottery that you will buy with a cheap price but win a lot of stuff that values more than the price. Actually many more! 


Ohuhu Tripod Mic Stand Boom with Mic Clips is perfect for all sorts of uses such as- Band Practice, Studio Recording, Church Choirs, Speeches, School Music Programs, Live Music and so on! I have already mentioned the most exciting part of it which is why most of the professional people prefer it over others. Now let’s come to the other features. It is obviously a lightweight microphone stand, that is what a person considers before buying any mic stand. At the same time, it is very easy to transport. It has two mic clips and adjustable arms. The larger arm extends 52 inches and the smaller arm is made with the speciality of 360° rotation and extendibility. 


If you want it to be the ideal one stand tripod, you can even remove the second arm. It gives you the best quality and portability. It is obviously foldable and that is why it is super easy to transport.                         

Product Specifications:



  • Premium painted steel
  • Foldable and easy to transport
  • Comes with two mic clips
  • Stable in rough surfaces too
  • Rubber feet  



  • Tension screw can break if you give too much pressure when tightening it up
  • Can cause you trouble for its ability of 360° rotation 





On-Stage MS7701B Best Tripod Mic Stand   

The last but not the least one I’ll suggest you buy on a very affordable budget is the On-Stage MS7701B Tripod Boom Microphone Stand. If you are a regular user of microphone stands, you should definitely go for this as it serves you the good quality with the best price one wants. 


On-Stage MS7701B Tripod Boom Microphone Stand is a smart mic stand that gives long term services. As I already mentioned before about the low cost of it, it really gives an excellent outcome.                


Product Specifications:



  • Cheap and affordable
  • Euro-style
  • Adjustable
  • Has long booms
  • Made with a solid case 


  • Some may break sooner than expected
  • Not so much flexible  






Buying Guide

What things you should consider before buying the best tripod mic stands are given below:


Types of Microphone Stands


Standard Stands

These can in addition be categorized as a tripod, and round base stands. They’re incredibly common – in fact, these have a tendency to be the cheapest ones around. 


This type of mic is best suited for those who will favor it while standing. It has a very tall height, which is typically adjustable. These are a lot more steady and do not have a tendency to flip over. For instance, the Ultimate Support PRO-ST Pro Series Microphone Stand with an Oversized Steel Tubing has a heavy rounded base that keeps the stand in role at all times.


Boom Stands

These stands are comparable to wellknown mic stands, but with an arm attached. Boom stands are the nice choice when you have various heights, for example, if you have an adjustable track sheet stand or sure angles that you want the microphone to reach. A lot of the time, humans are sitting down, so they shall want a lower height. In a place like that, this variety of mic stand is the best.


There is, of course, room for adjustment, each in terms of horizontal and vertical reach. An instance of this is the DR Pro Tripod Mic Stand with Telescoping Boom, the place the growth and attitude arm can be adjusted for height, each at the equal time. This specific form is very useful.


Desk Stands


Desk stands, or ‘desktop stands,’ can be connected to a desk. However, the use of this unique stand is growing, as it is easy to use with almost any desk.


In a sedentary setting, this stand is the exceptional option you can go for. Other stands can be a bit of a fuss when you have furniture shut by. Since this mounts on a table, it will become the phase of the furniture. 


Low Profile Stands


These stands have a brief height, both for the stand itself and the boom arm. They’re used more often than not for kick drums (click here to locate your mic!) or guitar cabs. These, too, have an adjustable However, the vary can vary pretty significantly. This is a necessary consideration and has to be commensurate to your own height. With the boom arm stand, you would possibly get away with a smaller height in certain situations, such as if you had your keyboard on an adjustable stand, however with a usual stand, you need something that can reach you.


The peak depends on the placing or uses, too. While a low profile stand may also be appropriate for kick drums, it can’t be extended ample for overhead drums. Some heights may additionally be too low for masking a choir.


Types of clutches


The grasp is what permits you to regulate the height. This, of course, is necessary because, besides it, the mic stand will now not be as tall as you choose it to. There are two sorts of clutches: twist and grip. The former is most extensively used, and as the name suggests, twists to tighten. The suitable quality ones tighten extraordinarily fast while others take several turns. Grip clutches make use of a one-handed squeeze to tighten into place. One apparent advantage is that this is a great deal faster to obtain in a stay placing – this kind of clutch tends to be the best.


For growth stands, there is every other variety as properly – a screw or a knob that can tighten a collar or push it nearer to the tube. These range a lot from one mannequin to another. 




Weight is an important consideration when shopping for a mic stand. A lot of humans usually anticipate that a heavier stand would not make a transportable or appropriate choice on stage. However, now some stands are tremendously light-weight but still pretty stable, such as these tripod stands. If you are going to move with the stand a lot, then the apparent choice should be a mild weighted one.




Another false impression about mic stands is that a heavier one would be challenging to lift around. That’s now not continually the case, as some light-weight ones can be challenging to elevate too. It all depends on the make and its capability. If the stand is foldable, it becomes all the greater effortless to pack up and take wherever.


A lot of human beings think tripod stands are now not relatively portable. That’s now not always the case, as some more recent fashions have foldable legs, making the stand tons smaller. As for the ones with a rounded base, it’s additionally easier to lift them. The stand can be eliminated from the base and packed one at a time with the other equipment. Perhaps this is why this kind of stand is most normally used.




The pricing is but another essential factor. To get high quality, you have to spend a little more money. In an expert setting, it makes experience to go for something greater high-priced from a regarded brand. For amateurs, a moderate-quality, light-weight stand needs to do the job. The expenses range greatly, but most microphone stands price less than $100. Few stands from very high-end brands value more than that, however you ought to be able to get a first rate first-rate one of any sort within this range.




One of the reasons why mic stands so extensively used is, as the identify states, due to the fact they are useful for keeping microphones. However, they have some extraordinary other advantages as well. There are several add-ons you can use with the stand to make it extra functional. Some of these are:


Cup holders: You can easily discover cup holders to attach to the stand’s tube. This accent works out nicely when you are continually speakme or singing and need water for hydration. It’s less expensive and works with really all stands, be it preferred or boom.


Phone holders: A lot of time, for quite a number of extraordinary reasons, you want your phone in front of you. You can now connect the telephone to the stand, so you can study lyrics off it, document the sound on the phone as well, or even play from it. This is not simply for your phone; you can also connect drugs to these holders. Much like cup holders, these easily attach to nearly all the stands available.


Boom arms: Another on hand accent for your microphone stand is a 2nd increase arm. This can attach to the stand at any point, remodeling it into a more than one microphone stand. Such an addition is necessary when you’re taking part in the guitar and desire the sound recorded or amplified. You can shortly align the mic with the guitar’s position.


Pop filters: For recording vocals, pop filters are indispensable to maintain quality. They do this by means of protecting the sound from plosives that are regularly bad and can destroy the vocals. The steel ones have a tendency to be a lot sturdier and do the job well. However, nylon ones can be used too in regions of metals. It’s higher than having no filter at all!


Headphone hanger: Another magnificent attachment for your mic stand is the headphone hanger. It can be so convenient whilst recording because you don’t have to take away the headphones then location them someplace else; you can dangle them on this hanger and go about your business!

All these add-ons are cheap and without problems available. There are numerous different add-ons as well, like goosenecks, vocal booths, and stereo bars. They can make your recording sessions, or time on stage, very easy.


Carry Bags


The first-class solution for this is an elevated bag, which can accommodate more than one stand and furnish vital protection and convenience. Rather than transporting every stand separately, it’s a lot higher to have them all in one bag that is convenient to elevate around. Those who move around a lot, and have invested in a couple of stands, have such a bag. Your stand will only ultimate if you preserve it well, so make certain you take care of it while in transit.


Choosing the proper stand

Now that you are aware of each kind of mic stand, their prices, and capabilities, it will be easier to select the nice product. However, there needs to be an evaluation of your own instances as well. The type of stand you prefer first depends on why you want it. For example, if you’re shopping for something for podcasts, then a desk stand is the best one. If you are buying for a child, then a tripod boom stand might be the proper choice.

If you’re going to use it in more than one setting, like in studios, or in classes, then go for the one that is most appropriate for these. You do not necessarily have to purchase separate stands for each use – they are relatively multi-functional, particularly if you add accessories.



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